Omnitrition Review

Omnitrition has been offering it’s products to households since 1989.  Products for those who are athletic, who want to lose weight, who want increased energy and vitality. Aside from the products Omnitrition is also a direct sales company where representatives either sell the products retail or recruit others to sell the products in order to make affiliate commissions.

You can have a successful business with Omnitrition but the challenge is making sure you find the right tools and marketing in order to grow your business.  97% of network marketers in Omnitrition fail miserably because typically they are instructed to make a list of their friends and family to recruit.  While this may work initially , once that warm market runs out the business stops growing.

If you are interested in Omnitrition as a business opportunity, then you must understand exactly how the top marketers are having success.  It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about the products of a company you still need to have a solid marketing business plan in place.

I encourage you to read this entire post so you can determine what is best for you and your business.

Omnitrition Opportunity

The Omnitrition business model is designed recruit distributors and reward them for sharing the products and business opportunity.  The challenge for many distributors is finding people who are also willing to become a distributor of the business.

The distributors who are successful as well as those with other MLM companies don’t depend on their warm market.  They have a proven system in place that is generating them leads everyday.  Each day as these leads are coming in they are able to find success by presenting the opportunity to these people.  The more you sponsor and create a duplicating team the higher your residual income will become. Bottom line is you must prospect, promote, recruit, and train.

How can you be successful in Omnitrition and generate leads every single day?  Check out my video below and discover how we have been able to leverage one simple system to generating upwards of 50 leads a day into our primary business.

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