Ocean Avenue MLM Review

Ocean Avenue MLM Review

So you’re probably here for an Ocean Avenue MLM Review that’s unbiased.  Or….you’re thinking about joining Ocean Avenue, or you’ve already joined Ocean Avenue and you are interested in learning more about how to build your Ocean Avenue business.

Whatever your reason is, my goal is to help you with the Ocean Avenue MLM Review today.

Ocean Avenue MLM Review – What is Ocean Avenue?

Ocean Avenue is a MLM company that operates in the health and wellness niche of network marketing. The product line has everything you can image. From health products, nutrition, weight loss, immune system, mental focus, and the list goes on and on.  Ocean Avenue was founded by by Fred Ninow, a successful entrepreneur, and Ken Dunn (Evolv Health, Max Int.) an industry giant. At the time of this review the company is in pre launch mode and looking for individuals to join their business.

Ocean Avenue MLM Review – Ocean Avenue Compensation

So what is the Ocean Avenue compensation really like? Well there are 10 different ways to earn income within the compensation plan.

1.   Ocean Avenue Vacation Club
2.   Retail Commissions
3.   Wholesale Commissions
4.   3xFree Program
5.   First Order Bonus
6.   Ocean Team Commissions
7.   Unilevel Bonus
8.   Unilevel Matching Bonus
9.   Generational Leadership Bonus
10. Global Pool

Ocean Avenue MLM Review – How can you join Ocean Avenue

You can start by becoming a Wholesale Customer or an Ocean Avenue Ambassador. The start up cost ranges from $49.99 up to several hundred dollars based on your entry kit purchase.

Ocean Avenue MLM Review – The biggest reason people FAIL in Ocean Avenue

Now, while Ocean Avenue is an awesome company with some truly fantastic products the SINGLE biggest reason most Ocean Avenue representatives NEVER make over $200 dollars a month is because they RUN out of people to talk to about their Ocean Avenue business. You see Ocean Avenue has a one dimensional training system that basically teaches you to go out and TELL/SELL your friends and family on Ocean Avenue products and the Ocean Avenue opportunity. However, most of your friends and family may not be that supportive when you first start out, and even if they are once you’ve gone through your warm market who else will you TELL/SELL? That’s the problem that 97% of Ocean Avenue representatives face. They run out of people to talk to and don’t like going out to talk to total strangers about their Ocean Avenue business because they get REJECTED constantly.

Well you’re in LUCK because I’ve got a solution. As a matter a fact this is one of the HIGHEST kept secrets of TOP recruiters in Ocean Avenue..

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