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Is Numis Network a Legitimate Company

Like any other network marketing company that has only been around for less than 5 years it is just starting to make an impact in the industry. Of course with that rise questions and concerns naturally will arise as to whether Numis Network is legitimate or not.  If you landed here to find your answer as to whether it’s a legitimate opportunity or maybe you are just doing research, either way congratulations on doing your research.  There is a lot of mis-information on the internet especially from disgruntled past distributors who just didn’t have the right tools in place to succeed which is not the fault of the company.

So again, kuddos on doing your due diligence in researching because most people don’t even do their research and through this post I will prove to you that Numis Network is a viable and legitimate network marketing company.

Numis Network was founded in 2009 by three well respected guys in our industry, Jake Kevorkian III, Ian Cordell, and Chris Kent.  All of which have an extensive network marketing background as owners and distributors.  The company sells graded silver & gold numismatic coins through their distributors.

With the unique products that Numis Network offers it comes to no surprise that this company is a breath of fresh air in the industry that consists of a lot of common products such as health and wellness.

Numis Network has several ways a distributor can be paid which makes it quite easy to make money with Numis Network.  Some of the ways are through fast track bonuses, the ability to get paid on both legs of the binary, trip incentives, car bonuses, coded legacy bonuses and much more.

Now if you are considering a career with Numis Network I would suggest that you consider branding yourself since sending prospects to a replicated site can be quite competitive.  In the network marketing industry in general distributors are typically taught to send prospects to the replicated company site.  If you really want to stand out and become attractive, consider using a system branded to you.

As a network marketer, you should educate yourself on the tools that are available within system that you can use for offline and online marketing to generate leads every single day.

Some may question whether the Numis Network graded silver and gold coins worth the money and the answer is yes.

Numis Network offers the very best in collectible coins and the highest graded coins available. You are guaranteed a valuable and authentic coin since it is certified by the largest and most trusted coin grading services: ANACS, NGC, and PCGS. You can buy with confidence in knowing that your coin will be graded and Numis Network also offers a 5 year buy back guarantee.  This is something very unique in network marketing.

The collection of coins from Numis Network are certified and ultrasonically protected for long-term preservation, an obvious edge over non-graded coins. Not only are these coins recognized by graded experts in the industry they are also valued as rare and collectible, which makes them much more valuable than the ordinary bullion coins.

So, how can you succeed in Numis Network?

Bottom line is the product sells and it’s the one product people would actually having a garage full of.  But, in order to succeed you must have a good proven marketing system in place.  If you want to see the exact system that the top earners at Numis Network are using click HERE.  This system is a system you can use that will brand you as a unique leader in the industry, help you generate upwards of 50 leads a day, and as result you will be able to sponsor more reps into your Numis Network business starting today.

If you are interested in joining Numis Network you can find more information by clicking HERE. 

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