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Numis Network Company Review

If you have spent any time “searching” for the perfect home based business / network marketing company you most likely ran across Numis Network.  With approx. two years in business, Numis Network is creating a trend in network marketing—a rare collectible item.

Who doesn’t love collecting something? Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a collector but let’s take a look at an few examples:

  • limited edition toys
  • classic comic books
  • complete doll collection
  • rare stones
  • beanie babies
  • baseball cards
  • shoes
  • purses
  • jewelry
  • watches
  • and even coins….

And when it comes to collectible coins, Numis Network is clearly heading down the path of dominating the industry. With its unique collectible products, the pioneering company envisions itself as becoming the largest retailer of graded metal coins in the world.  They envision accomplishing this and have thus far by creating a new industry category and combining two powerful marketing plans.

What makes the Numis Network graded gold and silver coin collections stand apart from the rest of the competition?

Well, not only is it produced by leading government mints from around the world, the company’s collection is also made of only the BEST modern issue coins and the highest possible grade, MS70. This ensures buyers and distributors are totally confident in their purchase of the most highly sought after collectible and highly valued coins.

Great Michelle but how can collecting Numismatic coins be useful to me?  Did you know that the US dollar is decreasing dramatically in contrast to gold and silver which is on the rise.  Just wake up late at night and do a little channel surfing and you will surely find a commercial airing on the buying of gold and silver.  A

This is where Numis Network comes in. The collectible graded coins provided by the company are typically equivalent to money, but valued much higher than the U.S. dollar.  So would you rather me hang on to a US dollar for five years to hand over to you after those five years?  Or…..hold on to a MS70 silver dollar for five years and after those five years hand that silver dollar over to you?  Which would be worth more?  This is why it makes since to stock up on these great assets for your future needs.

What about the Numis Network compensation plan?

Numis Network is clearly setting itself apart from the competition, not only with its product but also with its unique marketing plan. Successfully combining two different compensation plans, it puts the “Power of the Network” to work that will aide in helping entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom along with success. The comprehensive pay plan allows a way for distributors to enjoy both immediate income and long-term residual income. From the moment you start as a brand new distributor, to building your team, and to establishing yourself as a leader, Numis Network is top notch when it comes to assisting their distributors every step of the way.

Founded by the legendary trio of Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian, and Christopher Kent, the company boasts a strong and powerful management team behind it’s business operations. All three of these leaders have a long history of success in the network marketing industry along with an extensive background and experience in the industry. Together, this unstoppable trio has proven integrity and willingness to help distributors build their business by expanding the company’s state-of-the-art operations, sales and marketing trainings, and excellent product development.

Numis Network is indeed NOT your ordinary MLM Company. It is an excellent home-based business opportunity that allows people to generate income by selling gold and silver. Clearly, it is on the path of creating a landslide of wealth for every Numis Network member to enjoy for quite sometime.

Interested in learning more about the opportunity with Numis Network click HERE to work with a top leaders who know what it takes to build a successful Numis Network business.

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