No Excuses Summit Bonuses

No Excuses Summit Bonuses

All right what does that  horse image have to do with the title, No Excuses Summit Bonuses? Let me explain. You see last year I had this beloved horse, that was given to me as a gift from a good friend by the name of Rob Fore.  This little horsey travelled with me everywhere and had one heck of a story.  He was a superstar, pictured all over Facebook for his worldly travels.

He has ridden on escalators at the airport, has been caught sipping cocktails in swanky upscale bars, playing slots in Vegas, sitting dangerously on 20 story balconies way up high in the finest hotels in Vegas, he has even had his own first class seat, and was eventually kidnapped.  Yes, kidnapped.  I have my suspicions on who kidnapped him.  In fact this photo was sent to me by the kidnapper.

How did he get kidnapped?  Well glad you asked.  You see 1 year ago I was at the No Excuses Summit in Vegas and my beloved little horse, who was a bit on the wild side, was hanging out with me in a private VIP party.  Somewhere between mingling with other 6 & 7 figure earners, sipping fine wine, Mr. horsey went missing.

I haven’t seen him in over a year.

My plan….GET BACK TO VEGAS and recover my horse from the kidnapper!  Well, I have another purpose too and that would be that we are speaking at this year’s No Excuses Event among other GREAT leaders.

But, I need your help.  In order for me to get back to Vegas I was told if I ever want to see my horse again I need to get people to the No Excuses Summit in May.

So here I am….ready to bribe you with some awesome No Excuses Summit Bonuses.  First though, you must come tonight to our hangout and hear the awesome speaker line up for this event!  They are announcing two powerhouses that I can assure you that you don’t want to miss.

You will need to make sure you grabbed your Zero to 6 Figures Blueprint by Clicking HERE.

Next come to tonight’s live hangout where the NES boys, myself, and other top leaders will be discussing the Zero to 6 Figures Blueprint.  Then… the boys will be giving you all the details of the No Excuses Event on May 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Register HERE <=== Click  

Show up tonight at 8PM EST, actually show up 10 minutes early to ensure you get on.

Do yourself a favor and get to this event.  It will change your life and your business.  You see my very first No Excuses Event I attended was 2 years ago with my non supportive spouse in tow.  How did I get him there if he wasn’t supportive?  Well, all I had to do was say, “Hey honey want to go to Vegas?”  Little did he know his entire life would be transformed right in front of our eyes.

Bill walked out of that event as a believer, a 100% on board supportive spouse, we tripled our income and Bill quit his corporate america job 3 months later.   Wow!

I want to impact your life too!  After the training tonight you are going to have the opportunity to buy your tickets when the cart opens this evening.

Here comes the bribe: If you buy your ticket through Bill and I  through this link only —> Click HERE you will get all of our kick butt bonuses plus the bonuses that No Excuses if offering for taking fast action.

Therefore, it’s very important that you save this page and when the time comes to get your ticket, you come back here.

Did I mention or let this slip???  Gary Vaynerchuk will be speaking!!  And….. we will be sharing the stage with this amazing speaker who wrote the book called Crush It.  Wowza! I can’t wait to mastermind with him in Vegas!  How about you?

Ready to hear about our No Excuses Summit Bonuses?  Here you go:

Bonus #1 – We have booked a Mac Daddy suite and you get access to our intimate masterminding session during this event.  This means you get Bill and I for the day along with some other GREAT leaders (to be announced) that will be swinging by.

Let’s just say we have connections.  The last time we did this, we had Mark Hoverson, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore, Todd Falcone, Brian Fanale, and Norbert swing by to offer up some stellar training. 

Imagine getting all the latest cutting edge strategies to take your business to the next level. No fluff, no hype, just real facts!

That’s what we are going to do for you during this mastermind.

Bonus #2 – On top of that you will also get access for 3 months to my HOT new program called Socialzing for Profits for F.REE.  Click HERE to view this program.  You won’t be paying the $97.00 a month, you will be getting it for 3 months for F.REE.

This program is jam packed right now with all the latest cutting edge strategies that we are using to build our multiple 6 figure business via Social Media.  I do weekly coaching sessions and you also get all the recordings.  

Bonus #3 – I have finally come out with my latest Facebook marketing manual that goes from A to Z all right there in print format for your reference.  I will actually be unveiling this at NES.  But for you, F.REE!

Bonus #4 – Bill’s Prospecting for Profits all on how to regain your power and take control of any conversation for massive results. 

===> BUY Your Tickets HERE <=== and Get access to all of our No Excuses Summit Bonuses plus all the bonuses No Excuses is also offering for taking fast action and we will SEE YOU in VEGAS!



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