No Excuses Summit

No Excuses Summit 3 – Breakthrough Moments

We just got back from the event of the year, No Excuses Summit III held in Las Vegas, NV at the Cosmopolitan.  Even though I was a speaker at this year’s No Excuses Summit, I actually had my own breakthrough moments and huge take aways that I wanted to share.

The first breakthrough I had was right there on the No Excuses Summit stage, Friday night during my presentation.  You see my natural ability is to teach people and to break strategies down into simple step by step, easy, understandable processes.  So, when I was asked to speak at the No Excuses Summit, I was told that my speech should be all content based and very little on my story.

Well, for me this was a slam dunk since sharing my story has always been one of my biggest struggles. I have struggled & struggled with this.  Not because I don’t want to share my story, it’s because I was never fully able to put the connections together in a presentation that I felt would actually benefit anyone.

After pretty much being threatened by every close mentor in my life (lol), I decided no matter how challenging this was for me, I had to do it.  Why?  Because… least 6 very close respectable leaders in our industry encouraged me to do so and assured me I would connect with the No Excuses Summit audience.

So up I went on stage Friday night and shared my story, plus my very emotional why.  I felt the passion behind my words as I spoke, by telling my story and my why which I intertwined nicely into my presentation.  While I had no idea at that time whether I connected or not with the audience or even moved them, I walked away this past weekend in shock.

I have never had so many people in one weekend come up to me like this and tell me how I brought them to tears, this includes men and women.  I had others share their similar stories and tell me how my story met more to them than I would ever know.  I was amazed and touched by all the compassion from each and every one of those who walked up to me to tell me how my No Excuses Summit presentation inspired them.

Now I didn’t share my story and why to make grown men cry, my purpose in sharing in the beginning was just simply because I was told I should.  If I had known what the outcome was going to bring and how many lives I was going to impact, I would of done this along time ago.  I would not of struggled so deeply with sharing because if I can move someone and make a difference in their lives, I am all in.

Therefore, my biggest breakthrough of the weekend was seeing how I moved so many and inspired them to be greater than they are, no matter what their challenges are.

No Excuses Summit III Take Aways

As far as my own take aways I walked away with some amazing JV partnerships from several 7 figure and 8 figure earners in our industry.  I realized there are many out there who need our help and it’s up to us to help.

We also walked away knowing that Bill and I would never walk up on stage without each other.  You see at the end of my presentation I brought him up on stage and Bill shared his story of how he was brought into the industry one year ago at the last No Excuses Summit Event.  His story had all started with skepticism but yet in support of me and he spoke on how he evolved up to the point where he was able to be a full believer through the results I had accomplished.

Our lives have been impacted by so many and we owe so much to this amazing industry.  We owe so much to the partnerships and friendships we have formed with so many.

Not only were many impacted by my story but many were impacted by Bill’s story and everyone who walked up to us to congratulate, mentioned that we should speak together more often.  They felt the support, love, power, authenticity, passion, and genuineness in our words.

We packed out breakout room.  We needed more chairs and more room for those who didn’t get chairs to stand.  We realized this weekend that there are many out there in our industry just struggling to learn how to build their businesses and they were there to hear our story and how to build their businesses via Facebook Marketing.

So as I close on this post and reflect on the No Excuses Summit, I am blown away with all that has happened and have been given even more energy to push our business to the next level.

I realized from this event that their are those who truly and genuinely care about our success and will step up and out to support us in so many ways.  I am grateful for our current partnerships and this weekend I felt their love, support and willingness to do whatever it takes to help.

My question to you is….will you be coming with us? My friends, don’t ever miss out on an opportunity to invest in yourself because you deserve the best. This business is all about relationships and that was solidified in my mind 110% as I witness the results this weekend.  Surround yourself with like minded people who are willing and capable of getting you to thenext level, as Bill and I are always willing to do for you. Leave us a comment below if you were at the No Excuses Summit with us what was your biggest breakthrough and/or take away?



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