Never Argue With An Idiot

Oh boy, the other day I learned a very valuable lesson on Facebook as to why you should never argue with an idiot.

Now mind you, I walked right into this Facebook thread and yes, learned my lesson.  Therefore, in today’s video I want to share this experience with you and open your eyes up to what could happen when you stoop down to the idiot level.

You see often times we see status updates on Facebook that we don’t agree with and sometimes feel the need to address these updates from others with a response.  I want to share with a much better way and share with you why you should never get defensive in a Facebook thread.

I hope you find value in this message on why you should never argue with an idiot and it helps you in the future when it comes to responding to other people’s comments / status updates on Social Media.

Never Argue With An Idiot

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