Network Marketing Recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

Are you stuck in your network marketing recruiting efforts?  Maybe you are looking for new ways to grow your business or quite possibly you just need a refresher.

In today’s post I am going to give you some GREAT ways to recruit effectively in your network marketing business.

There is no shortage of network marketers out there who are struggling to find new ways to get signs ups or to increase their sign ups.  Many are just down right frustrated and on the verge of quitting.  Trust me, I know….I was there at one point in my career.  But, thankfully we stuck it out and now are enjoying the benefits of residual income.

So I hope to cast a little hope in your step, especially if you feel you have hit a wall.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip #1 – Use Social Media the RIGHT Way

Some great ways to increase traffic and sign ups is through social media. Sadly, many network marketers are flooding these sites and attempting to recruit all the wrong way.  There is much more to just spamming your link all over every social media outlet.

Successful network marketing recruiting through social media is done by those who actually know how to leverage the power of these sites.

A few suggestions when using these sites:

  • Don’t just send unsolicited messages with links to people, it’s annoying and you will quickly be labeled a spammer.
  • Focus on engagement and getting to know people by communicating when a door opens.  Listen, listen, listen to your new found friend and actually build a meaningful relationship that becomes a trusting one.
  • Lead the conversation with personal value and not with your product or opportunity.  The more value you give the more attractive you become to someone who wants to join you because of you and your value you can offer.
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Network Marketing Recruiting Tip #2 – Learn How to Use Your Email and Autoresponder

Become someone who focuses on the receiver (prospect) of the email or follow up message from your autoresponder. This means give value and answers to your prospects so they can make the right decision and not list all the reasons why your prospect should join your XYZ opportunity.

Define their pain and offer solutions.  Once you become a person of authority and as someone who knows how to solve the pain you will once again become the attractive target that people will flock to and join.

If you are recruiting via email know the right way to get your prospects in front of your opportunity without forcing them to watch your presentation.  One example that we have used is through story telling in our emails and explaining how we once struggled with XYZ and then we found XYZ tool that has now helped us in our XYZ business.  This opens the door for your prospect to be curious as to what you now do with your new found tool in your business.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip #3 – Target Marketing

Define the types of people you want to work with.  If you know this target, you can find those circles online in community forums, offline at meet up groups, live events, social media groups, local business events, etc.

Work on attracting those you decide to target by showing up at every event or everyday if it is an online group. Be someone of authority and someone who is approachable.  Be the go to person for something you are good at.

If you continue to surround yourself with your ideal prospect it will make it much easier to get to know them and engage with them in a meaningful conversation.  Which again, will result in trust.

Bottom line is people don’t join your business opportunity, they join you.  Build those meaningful relationships, become a person of authority, and by all means be someone that a person seeks out to work with because of the trust you have built.

Follow these 3 network marketing recruiting tips consistently in your business and you will be on your way to enjoying a long term residual income in your business.

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