Motivate Your Team For Higher Profits

Motivate Your Team Today

Finding the motivators that drive your direct sales team to achieve their personal goals will ensure greater success, for both your team members and you. As a direct sales team leader, one of the best ways to grow your own business is to motivate your team for higher profits.

People’s reasons for becoming a direct sales consultant vary. Some reps may join simply because they want to receive a discount on the products they buy. Others may want a reason to get out of house and away from the kids. Still others join because they want, or need, to make additional money.

Some consultants will be self-motivated. They’ll be determined to succeed whether you encourage them, or ignore them. Most of your team members, however, will need some motivation to help them reach their goals, while helping you reach yours.

Motivating someone requires discovering what they want and helping them to achieve it. One way to determine a team member’s motivation is to ask why they joined your team. You can then provide ways to help them reach their goals and get what they want from their association with your group. That’s what motivation is all about.

Let’s assume your team members are motivated by more money. To help your members use that motivation, encourage them to think about what they might do with that money. Would they pay off some bills? Buy a new car? Save for the kids’ education? Take a vacation?

If you can get your team thinking about what it feels like to have that extra money and how they want to spend it, you’re well on your way to motivating them to work harder to earn it.

One way to motivate your team members to reach their goals is to have them write the goals down. Remind your team that if they don’t know where they’re going, they will never know when they arrive!

Hold monthly team meetings and encourage every member of the team to set a sales goal for that month. Then, have them write down that goal and post it in a conspicuous place in their own home. Your team members are much more likely to achieve that goal when they see what they’re aiming for.

Contests are another great way to motivate your team members. Offer a prize to the member who has the most sales, holds the greatest number of shows or recruits the most new consultants. Whatever the goal is, encourage your team members to work the contest daily and send you an update on their progress.

You can compile the results at the end of each day, or week, and let the group know where everyone stands. Competition is a great motivator for some. Use it to your advantage and see your profits rise right along with your team members’ success!

Be sure to provide a prize to the winner. A gift card, a free product, or if possible, an added percentage of profits. The gift isn’t nearly as important as the contest itself, but again, it will serve as motivation.

Create Hype To Motivate Your Team

Keeping your consultants “hyped up” and excited about the company, the products, and being a part of your team will go a long way in helping to motivate your team to higher profits. Look for different ways to motivate your team every week, and your success potential will soar!

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