5 Simple Ideas To Motivate Your Team

Looking for Ways To Motivate Your Team?

Looking for some quick and easy ways to get your direct sales team energized and active? Try these five simple ideas to motivate your team and you’ll be amazed at the results you see in their increased sales and success rate.

1) Weekly Emails To Motivate Your Team

Taking the time to create a weekly email for your direct sales team will pay off greatly in terms of added sales, team unity, and longevity of team members.

Topics to cover might include sales updates, team member welcome notes, contests, selling tips, home show tips, hostess coaching ideas, business promotion help, and anything else of interest to your team.

2) Online Team Chats To Motivate Your Team

If your team is scattered across the country as many direct sales teams are in our cyber-age, holding a weekly sales meeting at a local restaurant becomes a challenge, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean your team can’t get together.

Instead of a local meeting, host an online team chat that will serve the same purpose. This will help your team develop stronger relationships, as well as keeping them updated with important information.

3) Training Tip Sheets To Motivate Your Team

If you aren’t able to prepare a full-fledged weekly newsletter or detailed email, offer your team some monthly, or bi-monthly, training tip sheets to help them succeed. You can do this in addition to your weekly emails if you are able. Your team members will appreciate all the business building help they can get.

Cover one training tip at a time and help your team learn to sell more, book more shows, promote their businesses, deal with difficult customers, build a website, handle rejections, and anything else you can teach them to better their business results.

4) Contests To Motivate Your Team

Monthly or quarterly contests can be a huge boon to your business and will tremendously motivate a large number of your team members. Look for simple ideas such as the most sales in a given period. Offer a prize, then let your team’s ingrained sense of competition take over and make it fun.

5) Recognition To Motivate Your Team

While money motivates some people, and the sense of freedom in entrepreneurship motivates others, some people will be more motivated by simple recognition of their efforts and successes than by anything else. Let your team know you’re proud of them. Use your weekly emails to share team members’ successes such as a first party, a record-breaking sales week, a birthday or anniversary, etc. You might be surprised at the encouragement this provides.

There are any number of ways to motivate your team…..

So get out there and get your team members excited and wanting to sell more. For starters, use these five simple ideas for motivating your team. Then look for more ideas that will work for your specific team members and put even more team-building ideas in place to boost moral, and sales, even further! Then before you know it while you motivate your team your team will be learning to motivate their own through duplication.

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