If you’re watching this video you may be struggling to monetize your business.

profit maximizerWhy monetization matters:

When most people start their online marketing business they often times pitch the same business opportunity over and over again.

This is because either the individual is new to the internet marketing industry, and perhaps has yet to define which other products or materials they want to market. Or, they just have not yet been exposed to other business opportunities that may yield better results for them than what they are currently marketing.

This can HURT your business. Often times your audience my need to be exposed to different products that better suit their interest. The first thing you need is a tiered product mix, by having this you will be able to better monetize your business.

Another great thing about a tiered product mix is that no matter what the budget of your target audience they should still be able to afford one of your product offerings.

profit maximizerProfit Maximizer:

So when you’re trying to monetize your business, you also need to have a profit MAXIMIZER! This profit maximizer will be a large commission offering. The amount of overall commissions you may earn in your online marketing business can greatly be increased by adding a profit maximizer to your business.

Although maybe 80% of your buyers will get the lower priced offering, the 20% that go for the Profit Maximizer will greatly help increase your business revenue. This is why having multiple tiered offerings, as well as a Profit Maximizer in your business is CRUCIAL to being able to be one of the top earners online.

So how to you get a tiered product mix in place, with a proven monetization strategy, & a KILLER profit maximizer?

Well all you have to do is click HERE to see how our system can help you FINALLY have success online!


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