Momentis Review

If you landed on this page there is a good chance you are researching Momentis or quite possibly you are a part of Momentis and you are looking for a way to build your organization.  Whatever your case may be welcome and I am here to give you an accurate review and give you examples on how you can successfully build your Momentis organization.

What is Momentis?

Momentis is a company founded back in 2010 and is based out of Dallas, Tx. The company is an extension of Just Energy which has been in the energy business since 1997. Just energy is a multi billion dollar company that is traded publically on the New York Stock Exchange.

What are the Momentis Products?

The company is open to do business in the U.S., Canada, and also now in the U.K. The company provides residential energy, commercial energy, natural gas, satellite television, internet, mobile phone applications, phone service, home security, energy management systems, and energy saving appliances such as water heaters.

Enrolling in Momentis
If you are looking to become a distributor of Momentis it will cost you $299.  With this price , a distributor will get access to training and marketing materials which also includes a replicated website to help build their new found Momentis business.

Momentis Compensation Plan
In order to make money as a distributor in Momentis you must begin by signing up customers and teaching your customers to do the same. Momentis offers 5 ways to earn income such as immediate income, mentor bonuses, leadership bonuses, team bonuses, and residual income.

How to Succeed in Momentis

If you decide to join Momentis or you already are a part of Momentis, there a few things you need to understand in order to be successful.

If you don’t have people to talk to you don’t have a business, bottom line.

Most new network marketers join a company because of the product and the hope of earning money from home.  New distributors are initially instructed by their upline to reach out to all their friends and family members to pitch them on their new found business.  While you can be successful at this in the beginning, most individuals eventually run out of their warm market.

Once a distributor’s warm market runs out, frustration typically sets in and the distributor looks for an alternative like online marketing to grow their business.

While online marketing can be a profitable way to build your business, one must understand that it can take time.  There are three things one must have in place in order to start generating new leads into their business because without leads you don’t have a business.

1. a capture page

2. an offer

3. a follow up system

These three things can be overwhelming to create.  This is why we suggest you leverage a proven system that has all these 3 things in place and does not require one to create on their own.  By leveraging a proven system it will save one time, money and energy.

So, you might be asking where you can find an online proven system that will help you grow your Momentis organization into a viable business so you can start enjoying a life of financial freedom.  We suggest MLM Lead System Pro, click HERE.  This is the exact system we use to generate over 100 leads a day into our own primary business.  By using this system we have successfully generating in just 2 years over 15,000 leads and have sponsored over 25 reps in any given month in our primary opportunity.

Imagine how different your business and life would be if you had more people to talk to about your opportunity and you were able to sponsor over 20 reps each month.

The system is generic to any network marketing company and is a system that will position you as a leader in the industry where people will flock to you to join you in your opportunity because you will now have something of value to offer.

To see exactly what this system can do for you in your Momentis business click here –> Momentis Success


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