Momentis Review

Greetings from Bill & Michelle.  If you have been looking for a third party biased review from someone who is not with Momentis then you have found the place.  Or maybe you are here because you are researching Momentis or you currently are a distributor of Momentis and you are looking for a way to build your organization.  Either way we welcome you here today.

There are many aspects of your research that you deserve to know about Momentis in order to make an informed decision as to whether this is a good choice for you.

What is Momentis by Just Energy

Momentis is somewhat new to the industry of network marketing and launched back in July of 2010.  The company focuses on marketing energy such as electricity and natural gas. The company also focuses on high speed internet and satellite TV.  Currently the company only provides services in California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Alberta and Ontario, the deregulated territories.

Just energy is the parent company of Momentis and one must remember that any decisions that are made by their parent company Just energy will effect the company Momentis.  This could be a good thing or quite possibly not good, it is too soon to tell. What we do know is Just Energy is a publically traded company which was built by Rebecca MacDonald and the company’s CEO is Ken Hartwick. The management team consists of Andrew McWilliams who is the president and CEO of Momentis and Andrew does have a network marketing background in which some view as an advantage.

Momentis Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is a uni-level pay plan which offers several ways to earn income. The additional ways to earn income offer distributors a chance to earn up front income, override organization income, and monthly residual income. All in all this means distributors get immediate income when sponsoring or retailing all the way to long term income. Bottom line is in order to earn the long term residual income a distributor must be able to successfully build an organization of team builders creating duplication.

Can a Distributor Be Successful in Momentis?

Ultimately a distributor can be part of an organization that has a solid management team backed by a compelling product, a decent compensation plan, but this does not guarantee success.

In order to succeed in Momentis your success boils down to your ability to build an organization.  This requires excellent marketing skills.  Many of the top leaders at Momentis exude this kind of expertise therefore the achieve success. So, how can you be successful like the top leaders at Momentis?  You must be able to generate leads when your warm market runs out.  Many fail in network marketing after there warm market runs out and they don’t know where to turn to get more people to present the opportunity too.

In this video below I explain what it take to be successful in Momentis.

In summary:

This system is a proven system designed to give you the marketing tools and strategies that are important to building your Momentis business.  You deserve success and not frustration so I want to encourage you look at the exact system that top leaders are using to become top earner in Momentis, click HERE. 


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