Do you want to be a recruiting super star? In this video Bill talks about our upcoming MLSP webinar on prospecting!

You’ve got to join us this Wednesday October 2nd 9pm Eastern for the MLSP webinar that will rock your socks off! You can register for the MLSP webinar HERE.

How many times have you heard that if you do this business right, that you’ll never have to pick up the phone and talk to a prospect again? More than you can count right? But what if you found out that picking up the phone can completely boost your business into hyper-drive?

In this video Bill talks about this Wednesday night’s powerful, can’t miss MLSP webinar that he will be conducting.

He’s going to pull back the curtain to share exactly how he establishes rapport and build trust with his prospects in the very first few minutes of speaking with them.

Be on this MLSP Webinar so you can learn how to use the most accessible and effective tool that’s already in your hand 98% of the time. Bill’s going to show you his phone secrets that will have you wondering why you didn’t just do this sooner!

So join us on the MLSP Webinar this Wednesday October 2nd 9pm Eastern Time! Get registered right HERE

See you this Wednesday!


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