Is MLSP Right For You

Is MLSP Right For You








My Lead System Pro What Is It and Is MLSP Right For You?

If you are anything like me when first starting out you started researching how to market your business online.  You probably ran across quite a few “gurus” who intrigued you by their ability to turn customers into cash on automation.

But…you just couldn’t quite figure out how to make it happen.

I am here to tell you, bottom line, it comes down to leads. You have to have leads if you want to have a business online.  No leads = No money.  There’s no way around it.  You MUST have leads.  So, how the heck are you going to get those leads?

Maybe you already know you need leads or you are just discovering you need leads either way you probably have been on a hunt to figure out how to generate leads online.

You will inevitably run across several marketing systems and quite possibly a system called MLSP / My Lead System Pro.

The purpose of this post is to help you decide…. Is MLSP Right For You?

What you might discover upon researching MLSP /My Lead System Pro, is this could very well be your missing link that you have been searching months for.

So, is it the missing link?

MLSP / My Lead System Pro is what we call in the industry an attraction marketing system.

The definition: the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it.

Bottom line you are leading with “you” the product.  You are the person people will become attracted to by the value you give online and in return people will view you as a leader and want to join your business.

MLSP’s founder Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewitz, and Todd Schlomer created the system for network marketers who can use the tools inside MLSP to attract struggling network marketers.  The system is based off of the teachings of attraction marketing who was originally taught by the great Mike Dillard.

The tools provided inside of MLSP / My Lead System Pro help position you as a leader within the industry.  As a result you are the product people want more of.  You are the VALUE MLSP offers with their tools on the front end and on the back end you promote your business opportunity.

Remember when asking is MLSP right for you,  people don’t like to be sold, they only buy stuff they feel they NEED.

Keeping all this in mind Brian, Norbert and Todd have also created valuable training within their system.  They have also set up over 25 additional affiliate income streams that their users can also profit from.  A lot of these products are “free” offerings that you can promote and on the back end you have the opportunity to make additional income.

Even if you are a total newbie and still wondering, is MLSP right for you, the system allows you to do two very important things:

  • Position yourself as a leader within the industry
  • You also have the opportunity to create income even if people don’t join your primary business, therefore, it’s a win / win for you.  Not everyone will want to join your primary so why not still make money from them by offering the tools from MLSP / My Lead System Pro

The system is simple to follow and is generic for any network marketer with any business.

Now that you understand the fundamentals of MLSP you probably want to know what’s inside?

Here you go:

  • Full Customizable Capture Pages
  • Pre written Auto Responder Messages
  • An Automated Sales Funnel
  • Ability to Build Your OWN List (Your Money is in Your List)
  • Easy Tracking Software
  • Video Hosting
  • Facebook Landing Tab Templates
  • Over 25 Affiliate Income Opportunities
  • A Training Library (Marketing Strategies and and Personal Development Training)
  • Ongoing Training Webinars Every Wednesday Hosted by 6 & 7 Figure Earners
  • An Easy to Follow Marketing And Business Strategy Plan
  • Support And Guidance Plus a Skype Support Group
  • Networking Community
  • Product Campaigns Customized to You
  • System Campaigns Customized to You
  • Access to Industry Leaders
  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Leadership Recognition
  • Live Events

There is not much of a risk involved if you truly want to discover first hand… is MLSP right for you.  You get all this for a 2 week test drive of $9.95. Click HERE.

If you decide to take a test drive know who you are joining with.  I just provided our link and if you join us in MLSP we will provide you with a lifetime MLSP mastermind group.  You will have access to our trainings plus you will be able to get questions answered as you move through the system, from the basics to the advanced.

Note that MLSP is a system you use as a tool to generate your own leads.  The system saves you time, headaches, and money by providing you the tools needed to successfully build a business online, today.

You have a choice when deciding… is MLSP right for you.   You can go and create your own capture pages, sales pages, videos, autoresponder follow up series or you can sign up for MLSP and use the tools they have readily available to you at your fingertips.  Simple as that……  I challenge you to investigate if you are not familiar with what it takes to build a business online.

I know from past experience it’s not worth the time, energy, to figure this stuff out on your own.  Not to mention figuring out coding and html for your pages.

Save yourself the headache and give MLSP / My Lead System Pro a two week shot.  Click HERE.

Have you decided… Is My Lead System Pro For You?

Only you can decide for yourself.  I am just here to give you some facts and as a bonus some social proof.

After less than a year of using MLSP this is the income I have earned.  Now remind you, this isn’t my primary but my income inside of MLSP / My Lead System Pro.


Is MLSP Right For You



Not bad for promoting a system to offer up front then have the system work for our business to bring people into our primary business.  By no means is this our primary income.  I look at this as seed money to fund my advertising.

* Of course not everyone will have the success we have had.  That’s up to you and how hard you work and how much you utilize the system.

So, can you generate leads with MLSP?  Here is example of just one day we had, 119 leads in just one day.  We generate on average upwards of 50 leads a day.

Is MLSP Right For You





Questions to ask yourself when deciding…. Is MLSP Right For You?

Are you easily offering value to the industry on the front end?  Or…are you having trouble finding that value to offer?  If so, you NEED a system to jump start your leadership.

Are you currently generating upwards of 10 leads a day? If no….you NEED a system.

Can you easily generate leads online?  If no…you NEED a system.

Are you still making money off of people that say NO to your business?  Then you NEED a system.

Do you have ongoing training from other 6 & 7 figure leaders that you actually have access to?  If no…then you NEED this system.

Need more proof, watch this video by opt-ing in to this page as I take you inside of my back office of MLSP / My Lead System Pro. Click HERE.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questios… Is MLSP Right For You, just let us know in the comment section below.


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