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How to Talk About Your MLM Using Facebook

I often get asked, “Michelle, how do I talk about my MLM using Facebook without sounding pushy or pitchy.

First, I want to applaud those curious because that tells me they do care about how people perceive them.  You see one of the aspects of Facebook marketing that I train on is how to become an attractable character using the Facebook platform.

The success that we have had in this industry is the result of building an online presence through leading with value.  That value has attracted thousands into our business who have partnered with us.  So, in the video below I want to show you a good example of someone on our team that does a phenomenal job of building her MLM using Facebook.

Notice in the video I talk about passion, value, branding, and the clarity of who Niki Taylor represents as a company.  I feel these characteristics and many more are important and the characteristics of a successful person who is trying to build their MLM using Facebook.

Great example of building an MLM using Facebook

Building your MLM using Facebook is more than just this one particular strategy.  The key is consistency.  If you are choosing Facebook to build your MLM know that all the strategies that I teach are just individual pieces.  It’s the combination of all those pieces when they are all put in play together that make for a powerful marketing method and result in success.

Bill and I have built multiple 6 figure businesses online using Facebook which includes building our MLM using Facebook, we teach all these strategies in our most recent course that you can get a taste of by visiting this link —>Click HERE.

Please comment below or ask your questions regarding MLM using Facebook and as always we are passionate about helping you succeed!

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