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MLM Training

MLM Training From Bill & Michelle Pescosolido

I get a plethora of emails every single day asking us “Can you help me build my MLM business?”  I always respond back with “What is your upline doing to help you build your MLM?”

No matter what their answer is most people are still seeking MLM training and they want to stick with the company they are with for various reasons.

So, I pondered on this a bit after talking to a good friend and business partner of mine.  I truly believe we have found a way to help those not willing to leave their current company yet still able to offer valuable MLM training to those seeking help.

MLM Training from Us is Possible and You Don’t Need to Leave Your Company

You see we are a big supporter of this industry and truly believe the products in any company are by far the best. We currently are retail customers of approximately 4 MLM companies and have no desire to build the opportunity. Why? Because…..they are great products. Does this mean we should be building them?  No… just means we love this industry and love supporting the industry.

Currently Bill and I are top leaders in our current MLM and our product does not conflict with any other MLM out there because our business is gold & silver assets.

We have just recently implemented a great way for you to get assets as a retail customer, get them for free, all without you getting involved in the business building side.

What does this all mean to you? Well, you can now get our MLM training which means access to us as mentors. One benefit, you will get access to our weekly team trainings each and every week.  Click here to see if it makes sense for you to be a retail customer of our business as we are of so many others, MLM Training.

MLM Training

MLM Training

What You Will Receive With Our MLM Training

One you will get access to our private team trainings each week some even conducted by Ray Higdon, our dear friend and business partner. You will have access to our private Facebook master mind team training site. You will also have access to emailing us with questions you have in reference to marketing your business or whatever else you need in reference to MLM training that fits your needs.  Find out More Here – Click HERE.

Okay so you might be wondering why would Bill & Michelle spend time helping us / me build my network marketing company when it’s not the same business they are building.  Bottom line is we believe in this industry and no matter what company you are with we know that the more value we put in the more we reap the rewards.  Simple as lead with more value than you are receiving…..

We truly believe everyone can all be successful no matter what company they are in and we can all do this by all supporting each other.

With that said, if you are coachable and have a burning desire to succeed then consider taking us up on this amazing offer to become a customer, not a business builder, of our Silver Premier Club.

We are currently looking for fast action takers… – The first 9 to join as a retail customer will also receive my Facebook Course, Blogging for Profits Course, and our soon to be released LinkedIn Course.  Not only will you receive all these bonuses but you will also get access to our private Facebook mastermind group and weekly MLM training webinars that will help you succeed in whatever business you are currently building, not to mention a life long relationship with us.  Click HERE to get started today with you MLM training.

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