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MLM Training – What to Look For?

So you are in MLM or you are thinking of joining an MLM.  First off if you don’t know realize it’s not always about the product.  Many newbies entering the MLM industry make the mistake of joining a company due merely to the fact that they are passionate about the product.  Once they get their feet wet they soon realize after spreading the word to their warm market, that just being passionate about a product is not enough to fill their pockets with a full time income.  This is the point where most go on the hunt for a good MLM training coach.

Before you make mistake number two, ask yourself first, do you want a mlm training coach or a friend?

A friend is not what you should be looking for if you truly want to find success in the MLM industry.  So when deciding what company and what person you want to partner with make sure you look at their resume as to whether they are a good MLM training coach, NOT someone you just happen to like.

While you will meet a ton of “nice” people in this industry that’s not what is going to whip you into shape the fastest.  It’s just like hiring a trainer at the gym.  Do you want a friend who is going to be soft on you so you can’t achieve your goals?  Or…do you want to hire a trainer who will give you exactly what you need to get the body you want.  Meaning push you, motivate you, give you the workout routine that will get you where you are wanting to go.

It’s the exact same theory when you are looking for an MLM training coach.  You want to find someone who will push you, motivate you, tell you when you need to step it up, tell you exactly what you need to do even if you don’t like it, push you outside of you comfort zone, and much more.

MLM isn’t easy and if you were told it was you better run the other way from the person who told you that.  You want to hear the truth from someone who has been through the trenches and does not sugar coat the facts.

MLM Training Facts

Success in the MLM industry will require you to cold call, working harder than you probably every have, doing things you don’t like to do, get out of your comfort zone, fail, get back up, push forward, knock down obstacles, find better ways and most important require you to be coachable.

To learn more about how Bill and I coach in the MLM industry give us a call.  But, only give us a call if you are looking for a MLM training coach not just a friend.  We take what we do seriously and if you want the facts and are willing to be coached then we are here for you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon, Bill 214-662-2841 or Michelle 469-247-3526.

Let us know what some of the best MLM training techniques you have learned by leaving a comment below.

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