In today’s video Bill talks about MLM Success using the 3 way call method.

What are some important steps you should follow, and some bad habits that you should avoid.

Here are some things you don’t want to do. Don’t set up a 3 way call without first gauging your prospects interest in your MLM business. If you haven’t qualified them, or if they haven’t watched your MLM presentation then don’t set up a 3 way call. This will only hurt your chances at MLM success.

MLM Success: The right way to set up a 3 way call.

You’ve already pre-qualified your prospect, they show some legitimate interest in your business opportunity but still have a few questions left. Make sure you have proper posture when setting up the 3 way call. Don’t give your prospect a yes or no question. Instead say something like “Hey my upline Bill is a pretty busy guy, and he can help answer some of your questions but he only has a few minutes to speak with you. He can talk to you at 6 or 9 which do you prefer?” Then call them back and confirm the appointment and let them know they need to be available at the set time.

These tips should increase you chances at MLM success. If you enjoyed this video and you would like more one on one training regarding MLM success then click HERE.

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