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MLM Sponsoring Made Simple

So, you are here maybe because you are curious about how MLM Sponsoring works.  Or…quite possibly you are struggling, you know Bill & I and you are curious what key we might hold to MLM sponsoring success. Whatever your reason for being here stick with me for a moment because I am going to break it down simple for you.

I see struggling marketers everyday trying desperately to succeed in MLM and sadly the desperation shows.  Desperation is NOT attractive and the #1 key to MLM Sponsoring success is attraction.  People want to work with people they trust, are attracted too, and feel they can learn from. With that said I want to give you three things you must have in order to have MLM sponsoring success.

The simple MLM Sponsoring Formula made easy:

  1. A system
  2. A marketing method
  3. A phone

Now you might be thinking, “Really, that’s it?”  “Come on….Michelle!” Yes, I am telling it is this simple, but let me break it down for you with more of an explanation.  You see one of the things I take pride in with my training is keeping it simple to avoid the distraction and to avoid becoming overwhelmed.  Once you become overwhelmed and distracted you lose focus and quite possibly start heading down the path of wanting to give up, aka QUITTING.

System – If you are marketing online the best tool to have is a system. One that can provide you with a capture page that offers something of value to entice your prospect to exchange their email / phone number for the value that you are offering. Secondly, you will need a sales page that offers what the prospect opted in for with some sort of up-sale into a product or service.

Now when I first started out this was quite difficult for me to craft. I didn’t have the know how nor the patience to create this.  Therefore, I saved myself a ton of time and energy and signed up for  system that offered all of this, so I would not have to create it myself. That proven system is MLM Lead System Pro.

Now if you are marketing offline you still need a system as well. Meaning a method of getting leads to call every single day.  Consistency is the key.  So maybe you have a list of realtors in your area, financial planners, insurance agents, brokers, loan officers, bankers any of these will do but you again need to have a system in place to get them to view your offer.  (presentation, meeting, etc.)

Marketing Method – If you are marketing online I suggest you pick one marketing method to market your capture page you have chosen to use.  Examples would be Facebook Marketing, Blogging, Forum Marketing, Solo Ads, PPC, PPV, whatever you choose it’s important to pick one method so you are not spreading yourself too thin.  The thinner your efforts the less results you will achieve. I know from first hand experience that when you focus on several methods your results are just mediocrel if that.  Once I realized I should be focusing on one method, I went for it and mastered it.  Just picking one method is not enough, you will have to test, test, test that method until you master it for massive results.

If you are marketing offline choose one method also.  Examples might be Bandit Signs, Business Presentations, Meet Up Groups, Networking Events, Cold Calling business professionals. Again pick one to focus on and make that your primary method of generating leads.

Phone – Yes a phone.  Many people focus on getting leads and they fail to realize that when those leads come in they have to actually call them.  So calling those leads will require expert phone skills and I highly suggest that you make sure you have bought a course or you are educating yourself on how to master the phone.  You can generate leads all day long but if you don’t know how to close a prospect into your business you are going to fail.

You see I am all about keeping it as simple as possible.  You just need these 3 things in order to be successful at MLM Sponsoring.  Not mastering one off these 3 skills could result in failure. Therefore, if you make these 3 things the focus of what you will master in your business you WILL be successful at MLM Sponsoring.

If you are ready to master these 3 areas and don’t know where to turn I have provided some helpful MLM Sponsoring tools below that we recommend and use in our business.

MLM Lead System Pro

Sponsoring Secrets

Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals



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