What does MLM Sponsoring and our horse Butterscotch have in common?

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My friends meet our dear horse Butterscotch, who now quietly sits up in our game room in a corner, collecting dust.


  • Butterscotch the Pony fulfills girl’s dream of owning a pony
  • Interacts in incredibly realistic ways: Moves head, blinks, swishes tail, and responds when spoken to and touched
  • Over 3ft tall and can support a rider weighing up to 80 lbs.
  • Loves to be fed and groomed and even comes with her own carrot and brush
  • Recommended for ages 4 through 10

Now meet our new shiny object Tom the Squishable who get a lot of love and attention every single day.


  • A giant adorable stuffed animal that fulfills a girl’s dream of owning something fuzzy, soft and squishy
  • Always in need of hugs
  • Unbelievably soft, freakishly cuddly and cuter than a basket of puppies
  • Measures approximately 15″ high by 15″ wide
  • For ages 3 years and older

It all started one Christmas two years ago when our daughter Mackenzie made a list of what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas.  After reading the list of about 15 items there was one particular item, called Butterscotch, the horse that was circled in bright red.  Next to the bright red marking were the words, “If I could only have one thing this year please just make it Butterscotch! Please!!!”

Really? I pondered why only this one toy out of all the other 14 items on this list.  Well Mackenzie put the hard close on me to deliver this message to Santa:

“Mommy, it’s better than any  toy out there. Butterscotch interacts with the people who own him and no other toy does this that is his size. It’s like owning a REAL pony! I promise, I promise this time will be different!  I will take care of Butterscotch if you will just tell Santa to bring this to me!  I want nothing else, nothing!  I know this one toy will be the last toy I will ever want if I can just get it for Christmas! I just know it!”

Well Santa delivered and let’s just say after one month Butterscotch retired to the corner of our game room and is now collecting dust.  Poor Butterscotch! Oh and the hype and the hard close fooled me.  I thought for sure this was it!  This was the toy that she would commit too.

Instead Butterscotch was a victim of a new shiny object call Tom the Squishable.  Mackenzie just couldn’t resist this new shiny toy.  The sales people, the commercials, and the internet were all to strong of a closer for her to just pass it by.  Now we own Tom and who knows maybe one day Tom and Butterscotch will unite in the corner collecting dust in the near future.

MLM Sponsoring










Sound a bit familiar, yet?  Just a few days ago this exact scenario reminded me of how MLM Sponsoring success works in our industry.

I am always baffled by those who really really really want it and then just fizzle out just like Mackenzie did with Butterscotch.

Then it hit me!

It’s like MLM Sponsoring!

Too often I get the phone call from a potential teammate who puts a convincing sell on me that they will be the next king / queen of MLM Sponsoring.

“Michelle, I promise, I want this more than anything in the world! This time is going to be different!  If I could just partner with you I know I can finally make this work!  I can just taste it!  I will work so hard and I will NEVER give up because I have to have success this time! I’ve realized I have been scammed and I know this time I am making the right choice joining you in your company.  I know it makes so much sense to me.  It has the best product and the best payplan I have seen in the industry.  I love that about this company.  Please just let me join you and I will prove to you I have what it takes to make it big!  I will be your best leader!”

Okay, okay I say I believe you will be successful at MLM Sponsoring….sign up here.

Enter in new shiny object after, oh about 3 months of me being convinced this would be different for Mr. X or Ms. Y:

  • This new opportunity fulfills everyone’s dream of owning success
  • The team has promised to help me make 10K a month
  • This company is bigger and better than any opportunity out there
  • They even have all the training tools available in their back office and a cool replicated site
  • Recommended for ages 18 and up

See the correlation between Butterscotch and MLM Sponsoring success?

Why did Mackenzie give up so quickly on something she wanted so badly?  Why did Mr. X or Ms. Y give up so quickly on something they were so darned determined to succeed at, to the point where they were going to be the next MLM Sponsoring success story.  So much so they could literally taste it!  It was a do or die effort, so they said in the beginning.

My thoughts, the picture in the beginning seemed quite clear and the path seemed quite easy to follow.  But, what Mr X and Ms. Y failed to realize or retract back to was how crystal clear their “why” was in the beginning.  The MLM Sponsoring world started to become cloudy for them, frustrations started to develop, obstacles started to appear, failure started to look like something they could accept. Reality sinks in and Mr. X and Ms. Y realize MLM Sponsoring success requires alot of hard work, dedication, and long hours that they just did not have the will power to do.  This is when new shiny objects become the next big thing to them.  It’s a cycle my friends and it’s up to you to realize it and break it.

The truth is we are attracted to new shiny objects, especially when things are not going the way we planned.  Instead of looking within ourselves as to why we are failing at MLM Sponsoring we look to blame the surroundings, our upline, the company and the tools.

The problem lies within you, not the company you work for, the people you work for, the tools you have.  If you are not successful at MLM Sponsoring then educate yourself and learn from the best in the industry to step out of your comfort zone.  Get on the phone and learn how to prospect.  You can learn how to generate leads all day long but if you don’t have the skills to close you are nothing.

99% of the time you are the obstacle and you need to figure out how to remove that obstacle out of your head.

The internet is muddy and full of distractions and if you can’t pick up a phone, prospect, close then everything you are trying to learn on the internet to build your business becomes useless.

Probably the very best course I can recommend to anyone who wants to master recruiting is done by two of my favorite leaders in the industry.  One is Todd Falcone – Click HERE and Ray Higdon – Click HERE.  I highly recommend you take a look at both of their courses because both prospect in different ways but both will offer you the very best skill sets to up your game.

Let me know your thoughts on my correlation between MLM Sponsoring and our horse Butterscotch in the comment section below.




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