In this video Bill talks about MLM Recruiting.

How you can learn to increase your conversions with prospects.

If you’re serious about MLM Recruiting then you’ve got to take a look at the video below:

Bill says that in order to be successful at MLM Recruiting then you’ve got to plan out every step of your actions in the entire recruiting process.

Ask open ended questions to try to learn more about your prospect. Try to get to their pain. Understand what their struggles are and offer solutions to those problems in the form of what you offer as a leader and what your MLM company offers in terms of value. Make sure you set steps for follow ups, three-way calls etc. You see MLM recruiting is not only a numbers game, but the true power is in the follow up, which is why it’s crucial for you to have you action steps mapped out in order to have greater success. Often times in MLM Recruiting it’s easy to let things distract you, or to let fear prevent you from taking action, picking up the phone, and making it count! Remember that your business is not going to build itself, and even though the phone can sometimes weigh a thousand pounds it’s important that you follow through with your action plan. Success in MLM Recruiting is all about taking action.

I hope you enjoyed Bill’s video on MLM Recruiting.

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