In this video Bill talks about MLM recruiting.

How can you increase your chances to be successful at MLM recruiting?

Watch Bill’s video below to learn more.

As Bill mentions in the video you have to understand the pain that your prospect is in. You have to create a story in order to be good a MLM recruiting. You need to be a problem solver. Discover the issues that your prospect is facing. Maybe they’re not having success themselves. Maybe they’re struggling with MLM recruiting as well, and if they hear your story and connect with you they will be able to relate to you better. Most people are looking for someone to partner with. They want a mentor, someone who can guide them. The person that can convey that to their prospect is someone who will be great at MLM recruiting.

MLM Recruiting tips:

Remember to always try to discover your prospects pain. Share your story with your prospect so they can connect to you. Don’t pitch your prospect but instead try to become a problem solver. If they’re struggling with recruiting, leads, closing etc, then you try to solve that problem in their best interests.

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