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MLM Recruiting in the Doctor’s Office

Let’s talk about MLM recruiting today and let’s talk about how to do MLM recruiting offline.  In my case today, in the doctor’s office.

Today I am sitting in the Oral Surgeon’s office with my 13 year old daughter who is now in the back office getting her wisdom teeth taken out. I think I am more nervous than her, but luckily there is a nice lady sitting next to me whose daughter is also getting her wisdom teeth out and I decided after talking to her this would be a good time to take this opportunity to do some MLM recruiting for our primary business Numis Network.

Do you ever wonder what to say to strangers in order to see if someone is open to looking at your opportunity?  Now if you are like me I prefer to do my mlm recruiting online but Bill, my business partner and wonderful husband, is a master at mlm recruiting offline.  So, this morning I decided to give it a try and I want to share with you today my conversation with the lady in the waiting room.  Let’s call this lady, Kathy.

Me – “Is your daughter here to get out her wisdom teeth too?”

Kathy – “She is and I am more nervous than she is.”  Kathy then proceeds to tell me about her daughter and her preparing for today.

Me – She had a wonderful story about her kids and I talked about my daughter too then said, ” You know I love that they have coffee here and wifi.”

Kathy – “Well I brought my stuff to do some work, but I can’t really focus on it knowing my daughter is going through this today.”

Me – I let her know I totally understand and said, “What do you do?” Kathy proceeds to tell me what she does and then asks what I do.

Me – “I am in network marketing which is great because I can work from anywhere. We also train others to build their businesses online.  Are you familiar with network marketing or internet marketing?”

Kathy – “I am I was in Mary Kay years ago but I didn’t have much time to build it because I had two young kids at the time and was working in corporate america.  But, it’s great to see that someone can be successful because I also tried to do something online recently with Google and they turned out to be a scam. We spent thousands of dollars and got nothing.  I was just looking for a way to put my daughter through college.  I wanted something I could do from home part time.”

As you can see from asking the right questions and just being genuinely interested, I was able to find an opening to ask here if she was still open to doing something part time for extra income.

Our conversation went on for the next hour as we waited for our daughters to finish up from our surgery.  In the end I had a wonderful conversation with a fabulous lady and now have a very good prospect interested in taking a look at our business.  Through my questions and our conversation I now know the following about Kathy which makes her a great candidate for our business:

  • One daughter in college and another on her way this year
  • Wants to work from home and spend more time with her girls & 7 year old son
  • Is tight on money and could use some extra income
  • Has network marketing experience and is familiar with it
  • Dad invests in gold and silver and has advised her to do so too (matches our Numis business)
  • Lives in my area
  • She loves talking to people and has no problem talking to strangers
  • She had been taken advantage of in the past few years trying to find something to do part time and now is excited that she just met someone (me) who has had success. (a REAL person)

Kathy walked away with her daughter, my business card, and will be calling me because I left her with a mission.  That mission to be sure and email me or call me with the name of that company that took her money and gave her nothing much in return.

Now whether Kathy joins us or not is still unknown.  The key here is that MLM recruiting can happen anywhere you just have to listen to the people around you and look for that open door.  You have to become aware of people’s pain and the only way you can do that is by asking the right questions.

Take time to get to know the people around you and look to see if you have a product or opportunity that would be a fit in their current situation.  If it seems to be a fit then always ask if they are open, be sure to give them a card, and by all means get their number too for follow up.

You can be successful in MLM recruiting online and offline, it’s just boils down to you talking to 10 people every single day about your opportunity.   Do you agree?


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