How to have greater success in MLM Recruiting. In this video Bill talks about how to ask the right questions when you’re prospecting.

Success with MLM Recruiting

Developing strong MLM recruiting skills isn’t that hard. You begin by discovering a need, or struggle with your prospect. You want to make your prospect think they are in control of the conversation. Choices you give them are not yes or no choices but rather THIS or THAT.. Implementing these types of choices should allow you to not only maintain your posture but also improve your MLM recruiting skills. .

Also you need practice so I recommend you start working on calling leads to improve your MLM recruiting skills. Bill and I use a system to generate leads called My Lead System Pro. We’ve been using this system for about 3 years now and have generated close to 30,000 leads in the system. So I highly recommend you check it out.

The really great thing about MLSP is that not only does it help you increase your recruiting skills but you also get access to the latest training on what’s working now to generate leads for your MLM business. Bill and I, train on the webinars often. As a matter of fact Bill just did a 2 part webinar on prospecting and closing this week. You can check out the recordings in the back office of MLSP.

So to get started with MLSP and learn more about MLM recruiting click HERE.



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