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MLM Prospecting & Dealing With Objections

So you decided to venture into the land of MLM and you are looking to master the art of MLM prospecting.  Are you prepared for the objections when it comes to MLM prospecting?

I hope so and I don’t say that to scare you.  I say this because I want you to be prepared so you can achieve success.  It helps to know what is behind the door you about to enter so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

For some unknown reason….(okay I have a hunch, but let’s run with this) people who are typically not in MLM have a bad taste in their mouth when they hear the word MLM.  In fact they run the other way and get all defensive when they see it coming down the road.

So how can you overcome this unfortunate mindset of someone you are about to approach when they immediately yell, MLM SCAM!

Yes, it’s sad and this is a great example how one bad apple in the basket can spoil an entire basket of good apples.  Did you know there are more millionaires created in this industry than any other industry?

I mean come on, it’s like any other job as a marketer, recruiter, sales person, except we don’t have a boss.  Woohoo!

Now for the most part, most MLM companies are NOT scams and now that you are a part of  a legitimate one ( I hope),  I want to give you some tips on MLM prospecting  (<–btw…great MLM prospecting scripts in that link) and dealing with common objections.

MLM Prospecting and Dealing With Objections

Trust me I know you have your work cut out for you and you would rather not deal with people who have a false misconception of the MLM industry.  But, you need to deal with it if you plan on being successful.

Why?  Because….the more objections and the harder the objections you receive, the better at MLM prospecting you will become, which will ultimately build you into a powerful successful leader who can handle any objection with posture that comes your way.

Let’s talk about some of the biggest objections Bill and I see:

Objection: “Is this one of those pyramid schemes?”

Our response: “I don’t even know what that is.  I have never been involved one.”

Then….wait for their response.

Or…”Oh you mean like corporate america where you have a CEO, Vice President, Manager, Employee and so on?  No this is nothing like that.”

We respond like this to maintain our power in the conversation and what the prospect is really trying to do is steal your power and make you dance.  Don’t dance!

Objection: “Looks like a scam to me or fishy”

“I don’t know about that but all I know is…..”  For example in our situation we would say, “I don’t know about that but all I know is we have taken over 3 company paid vacations with our business in that past year, make over XYZ a month, and my husband was able to retire from his corporate america job because of what we do now.”

Basically insert your story with your results or about someone you know.  It doesn’t have to be about you necessarily if you don’t have results yet but you could certainly leverage the story of a success story in your upline.

Objection: “Oh, I don’t have time for that.”

“That’s too bad how long do you plan on being in that situation of not having any time?”


“Okay no problem maybe this isn’t for you, but can you give me the name of someone who might be open to making an additional $xyz (insert amount) a month?”

Ask for those referrals when you get a NO!

Objection: “I can’t do that, I don’t know how to sell.”

“You don’t need to be sales person.  In fact we don’t teach you to be a salesperson, just a good marketer.  All you need is to see the benefits of a product and opportunity and just seek out people who are open to making additional income from home.  Btw….did you know just by owning a home based business you can save approximately $450 in taxes each month?”

Now these are just a few objections we have run across and yes, the list can go on and on.

Again….practice makes objections much more manageable as you are exposed to them each time you are doing your MLM prospecting.

When you begin your journey in MLM prospecting, it’s good  to be prepared for every type of scenario. While you may not be prepared for all of them, you will become more and more prepared as you get exposed to more and more objections throughout this journey you are on.

If the thought of just cold calling friends, family and your warm market sends you into complete anxiety overload, then maybe consider leveraging a proven internet marketing system that targets people already in the industry who believe in the MLM model already.

Now understand this isn’t me telling you that you should avoid MLM prospecting your warm market.  I think you should for your own growth.  Plus, don’t you owe it to your friends when you hit it big the opportunity to play with you on the beaches of the world?  Sure you do!

So while you are incorporating MLM prospecting in your warm market consider leveraging the system we have been using for over two years that has resulted in us becoming the #1 recruiters in our own primary company and has us generating over 50 leads a day to talk to each and everyday about our business, Click HERE for more information about MLSP.

In them meantime the best way for you to deal with objections is by practice.  Stay confident, maintain your power in the conversation, don’t allow your power to be taken away, practice with your upline, don’t expect everyone to say yes they are open to viewing your opportunity, get a lot of NOs to find those YESs and understand not everyone is going to be a fit for your business.

And….by all means when you are MLM prospecting don’t take it personally.

What objections do you get when you are MLM prospecting, please share below because I would love to hear!


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