MITS: How Can it Help You Build Your Online Business?


If you are looking to build a successful profitable business online, you need to develop online marketing skills. There are a plethora of options available to find online when it comes to training, but what I find is the biggest hurdle, is finding quality proven training, from trusted marketers who practice what they preach.

I have been doing online marketing since 2010 and I have seen a lot of crap being sold online promising to teach you how to build your business online via Facebook, PPC marketing, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Solo Ads, etc….

Today I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made in finding good quality marketing training and talk to you about how MITS also known as My Internet Traffic System can be your one stop shop.


MITS is a training and education platform that allows you to leverage the power of PAID traffic to grow and scale your online business. In fact paid traffic is how we were able to grow our business so quickly and is still a large part of how we market our business even to this day.

There are MANY advantages to using paid traffic over methods like video marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Ideally as you grow your skill sets you will one day have multiple sources of traffic skills, like the ones I mentioned before, however in the early stages being able to leverage PPC marketing can really ignite your business on fire quickly!

SO HOW CAN YOU USE MITS to grow your business?

There are different levels of MITS, so depending on what you’re needing you’re given several options to choose from. You will get top notch, KILLER training inside the system. Vince Reed, the owner of MITS, also covers marketing strategies like Twitter advertising, PPC (Pay Per Click Mastery), Capture Page Mastery, Recruiting Mastery Funnel, Podcasting Strategies, 7 Free Traffic Methods, Retargeting Listing Building Secrets, Facebook PPC Live, Yahoo Bing PPC Secrets, Mobile PPC Secrets, Recruiting Juggernaut, and much more.

Just recently Vince announced the ability to promote MITS also as an income stream which kicks in at level 2.  As an affiliate of MITS you also have the option to purchase “clicks” directly from Vince and have him personally along with his highly trained team drive traffic for you to your MITS affiliate link.  This is a great option to take advantage of while you are learning marketing for yourself.

Most importantly no matter whether you join level 1-3 you can have success by becoming a member of MITS. I’ve seen a lot of different programs out there and I ONLY recommend programs that I know work, we have actually tested & gotten results with and that are backed by owners with integrity & honesty.

To learn more about MITS click HERE. 

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