So what does MITP stand for? MITP is an acronym for My Internet Traffic Pages, and it’s an awesome new tool developed by my close friend Vince Reed.

So why do you need My Internet Traffic Pages?

Here’s the thing, if you’re marketing ANYTHING online, then you need to be driving targeted traffic to a lead capture page. You can have an irresistible offer set up for your leads to opt-into your lead capture page, in exchange for something of value and BOOM you get a LEAD.

MITP can help you achieve this pretty easily because they have pre-designed fully¬†customizable landing pages. Now how easy is it to set up your own lead capture page for your offer, MLM, ebook, product, etc. Another great thing about MITP is that it’s less expensive than other comparable systems, it also has fully mobile responsive landing pages which is great if you’re advertising your offers on mobile devices.

So here’s an example about how to use MITP. Let’s say you’re in an MLM company and they gave you a generic bland page that everyone else in your company is already using. In order to stand apart you can use something like My Internet Traffic Pages in order to set yourself apart from your competition. They also have a very easy way to integrate MITP with Facebook in order to add your lead capture page to your Facebook business page or Facebook fan page, when you do this you can drive traffic to that landing tab on your page and get leads easily from Facebook.

So whether you’re struggling to get leads, or you’re using another platform as your lead capture page software, I highly recommend you check out My Internet Traffic Pages and see what it can do for you and your business!

To learn more about My Internet Traffic Pages click HERE. 


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