Michelle & Bill Pescosolido Coaching

Give Michelle & Bill Pescosolido a call today 214 662 2841 after reviewing the email below for the requirements needed to get started with this new program.

Here is the email that was sent out yesterday with all the details:

We have a few more spots left in our coaching program where we will be holding weekly coaching webinars with the group and one on one coaching which will also be held weekly.
The question I have for you is…..do you have what it takes to be a part of this program?
We are only looking for people who are ready to earn 6 figures this year and looking for those who know how to commit.
Will you be our next success story?
We have everything you need in place:
1. A system
2. A business
3. A coach / mentor (Bill & I)
4. A blueprint
Let me ask you this, how different would your business be if you actually had a step by step blueprint and someone to talk to every single day as you began to implement?
How different would your business be if you could get rid of all the information overload and get the REAL facts on what you need?
You think you could be successful?
I think so!  In fact Bill and I are going to make sure you have a prosperous 2013.
So if you are ready to kick your struggles aside then reach out to us.
But first I ask that you realize that you need to have $500.00 to invest in this program.  I am crazy to be giving our coaching away for so darn cheap.
I normally charge $1k an  hour for coaching.  So to offer my time and Bill’s time at a ridiculous low cost of $500.00 is insane, but we know with the right people in this program it could pay off for both us and you.
Why am I doing this?  Because you deserve it.
It breaks my heart to see people get so stuck that they end up quitting on their dreams.
We don’t want that to happen to you.  If you quit how can you ever change the lives of those waiting for you to arrive?
So, we are reaching our hand out to you right now….
It’s up to you to decide if you are going to take it.
I can tell you this……if this resonates with you then you need to call us now.
214 662 2841 because in all fairness to those who have taken action quickly we can only take on 4 more people.
Let’s talk details today,

Michelle & Bill Pescosolido


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