Melaleuca Scam or Legitimate Company

melaleuca scam

Melaleuca Scam or Legitimate Company








Is there a Melaleuca scam or is it a legitimate company.  My goal here is to give you a third party review as I am not associated with Melaleuca but have done extensive research. With so many MLM companies and/or network marketing companies it can get quite confusing which company to trust or even join.  Most likely you are here to find out if there is a Melaleuca scam or if it is legitimate or quite possibly you are part of Melaleuca and are looking for a better way to expand your business.  Whatever the case may be reading this article can help you decide if the business is right for you.

Melaleuca has been in the home based business arena for quite sometime. The Melaleuca name came from a tea tree which is the main ingredient in the company’s products. The company goes back to the 80’s where Frank VanderSloot dissolved the former Oil of Melaleuca, Inc. The company suffered loss of profits back then and eventually re-established as Melaleuca, Inc., also known as Melaleuca, “The Wellness Company.” It has emerged into a direct marketing company and they prefer to be called a direct marketing company and not an MLM.

After the new name was established the company has flourished with a wide range of kosher certified, organic products. The company’s products are considered all natural with no additive, no chemicals, no artificial, and environmentally friendly.  Again, the main ingredient in the Melaleuca product is tea tree oil.  Not only does the company sell cleaning products they also sell shampoos, detergents, supplements, vitamins, make-up and beauty products. The advantage to becoming a registered user of Melaleuca is the discount you receive when purchasing the products.

Melaleuca is not only a product provider but also a business opportunity. Anyone can register for $35 and a person can earn money by recruiting people to also use the products at a discounted rate. A rep can earn a commission of 7% from referral purchases. In order to earn commissions with Melaleuca a rep must remain active by ordering a monthly minimum requirement. This is quite typical with any network marketing company.

Commissions are paid by check and sent out every 15th of the each month when applicable.

In conclusion the term Melaleuca scam is definitely NOT accurate.

It is a legitimate opportunity that one can earn an income from and be successful in.  But, many who call out the Melaleuca scam is typically due to a distributor not getting the proper training and marketing tools after their warm market runs out.

You see when one joins a company they typically buy into the hype of the dream of making big bucks.  In the beginning momentum can be fast but once that warm market runs out and distributors are left with no prospects the failure rate goes up.  Most get frustrated and just quit without seeking out the answers to what it takes to be successful at Melaleuca.

The successful entrepreneurs at Melaleuca have a solid marketing plan and marketing tools in place.  A system that they use to generate leads everyday into their business.  Without people to talk to everyday you are likely to not be successful.  Therefore, finding a proven system to generating leads is key to your success at Melaleuca.

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