Market America

Market America Review

Market America Review

Market America Inc.  – Can You Make Money with Market America?

Maybe you landed here because you were looking at the network marketing opportunity Market America. Or you were just wondering if Market America is a legitimate opportunity.  Either way congratulations on doing your research.  There are many articles written on Market America that are negative and mostly, they are written by distributors who failed at the business.  Though failure probably wasn’t their fault they just quite possibly didn’t get the right training to act upon when their warm market ran out.

I can tell you as a third party reviewer, I can say Market America is a legitimate opportunity and as you read further you can learn more about this company.

Market America has been around since 1992 and they offer products concentrating on the health & beauty industry. Located in Greensboro, NC Market America has shipped over 3 million dollars worth of products.  They are also located in Australia, the Far East, and Canada with roughly 500 employees at each location. The distribution of their products are all done through the internet and sold by affiliates of the company.

So Why all Of the Negative Market America Reviews?

Negative reviews are typically posted by disgruntled distributors who bought into the dream and ended up failing. Some of the reviews are just titled Scam just to hook the reader. Those who wrote the latter review example typically go on in their review to praise Market America in hopes of selling Market America to the reader.

There are over 200,000 active distributors in Market America. The company has paid over $1 billion of retail commissions in the past and over 2 billion to it’s distributors. Money in being paid out but not everyone makes money with Market America.  You get out what you are willing to put into your business therefore if you want to succeed at Market America you must treat the business as your own and be consistent in building.

In order to be eligible to receive commissions you must have a minimum monthly purchase requirement.  You’ve got to purchase two hundred BV-worth of product so as to receive your full share of commission. Business volume, or BV, is just explained like this for each wholesale $1 you spend BV equals around 80% of that dollar. You’ll earn rewards on all the products you sell, and also a bonus commission for BV that you and your team have amassed. The compensation plan is a straightforward binary system, you induct 2 people, and they in turn recruit 2 others and so on . Once you can attain a balance on both sides of your team, and certain volume requirements are reached, then you make commissions.

If you want to succeed you must work.

Market America Inc. has great products and has a typical binary compensation plan, along with an international distribution system.  With that said this doesn’t mean this is the right business for you.

A typical sponsor at Market America will probably tell you they have the perfect business and truth be told most network marketing companies are perfect businesses, it’s just a matter of what you are willing to put in.

This means you have got to be willing to put your products and opportunity in front of customers, at least 10 a day, every single day.

This seems simple in the beginning until your warm market runs out.  What happens when you no longer have people to talk too?  This is where people typically get frustrated and quit.  In order to avoid running out of people to talk to, take a look at what top earners in the industry are using in order to have people to talk to every single day about their products / opportunity by clicking HERE.

In the above link I am going to share with you exactly how Market America top earners are using one simple system to generating upwards of 50 leads a day into their business without chasing around friends, family or warm market.


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