Local App Broker by Russell Brunson and Damien Zamora

I don’t know about you but I am excited about this new training program.  Okay you might be saying “what the heck are you talking about Michelle?” Stick with me for a moment……

As an online marketer who has been enjoying a healthy six figure income consisting of multiple streams of income, this program excites me.  Why?  Because the buzz lately has been around mobile apps.  I feel as an internet marketer I always need to be growing my business with all the latest cutting edge strategies and the Local App Broker fits that bill.

So what is Local App Broker?

It’s a step by step training program that will show users the exact process to creating apps and selling apps to local businesses.  The training program is brought to you by Russell Brunson and Damien Zamora.  But, being that it is step by step, does that mean anyone can create a mobile app within hours and start selling it for profits?

Well we are going to address this question shortly….

First off, Russell Brunson and Damien Zamora who are the creators of the Local App Broker have certainly made a great name for themselves in this industry. Russell is an internet marketer known for creating DotComSecrets. Damien is the CEO of well-known technology company, Go Mobile Solutions.

I decided to create a video below showcasing what you get inside the Local App Broker program.

So what exactly do you get when you invest in this program, in terms of written words?  Well first off I want you to realize that while many local businesses in your area love the idea of having a mobile app for their business, many have no clue on how to get one or even how to create one.

This is where you come in as a student of the Local App Broker program.

You will get a simple step by step training program, as you saw in the above video. You will learn how to create an app, how to find your target market, and you will have plenty of support within the program.

The Local App Broker is a full training site as you saw in the video and that’s what has me so excited.  I am a step by step person and this program fits my needs perfectly and should your needs as well, if you are looking for step by step.  All in one training under one roof, is what I like to say.

I had no clue even where to begin when I heard about the mobile app industry.  I knew I had great ideas, but never did I have the know how or the resources.  Finally I do.

The program even has a section on how to market your apps that you create to local business owners. Not only that, there is a section on how to monetize your app for profit.  That’s why we are all in this industry right?  Profit….

Inside the Local App Broker you will also find 24/7 support and monthly training webinars to keep you up to date on the latest strategies and news.  The support team consists of a tech team, customer support and an app building support team.

There is also a GREAT software program inside of this program called the Local App Lead Generation Software, which will arm you with the necessary tools needed to target your local area by picking up real time leads, to send you in the right direction to market your new found business.

If you are READY to get started today with the Local App Broker click HERE.

So it sounds fabulous right?  But is it for you?  Only you can answer that question but here is my thought….

If you are looking to start something part time or full time I want to encourage you to consider this program.  If you already own a business then think about incorporating it within your current business model.  Really, the sky is the limit.  Bottom line is if you are interested in cashing in on the latest strategies then this is a fit for you.

It’s all in one and easy to implement. You don’t need any technical skills other than the know how to turn on a computer and the ability to follow simple instructions.  This is a program where each month more valuable information is added as it comes to the marketplace.

So, in conclusion as you can tell I am part of this and am excited.  If you decide to check it out let me know. These guys are offering risk free trial so to get access to it click the link below.

Local App Broker

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