Don’t Let “X” Keep You From Living Your Dreams?

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How Will You Living Your Dreams? Or Will You?

I’ve now been in the internet marketing industry for over a year and a half now.  I have been exposed to a ton of different personalities when it comes to people wanting to achieve their dreams through internet marketing.  What I find is too many people are honestly just their own worst enemy and I want to fix that.  Ask yourself are you letting obstacles keep you from living your dreams?  You quite possibly may be your own worst enemy if tend to have one of the following characteristics below:

  • A perfectionist
  • A researcher
  • A planner
  • A procrastinator
  • A person who makes excuses
  • A blamer
  • A person who gets paralyzed by fear

Oh, I have many more but, that would just make this blog post go on for eternity.  I wouldn’t want to bore you or keep you from living your dreams.

So let’s just dive in and pick apart how the following characteristics could be killing your dreams.

If you are a perfectionist you are going to be doing a lot of work, that basically is never going to get you anywhere.  The internet marketing business is about generating leads and without leads you do not have a business.  Perfecting something tends to hold you back longer which results in wasted time, time in which you could of been creating a lifestyle that is allowing you to finally be living your dreams.  In this industry you don’t need to be perfect.  Just be yourself and get the information out there. Get off your stool and let it go!  I have seen too many people in the internet marketing industry go on and on for months about how they are creating this perfect webpage, email autoresponders, sales pages, video series, boot camp, etc…. But, they never actually put the pieces out in the internet land for a lead to actually opt in too.  Why?  Because they are in the “I am perfecting it mode” Who cares!!!  Just find the quickest way to get it done and make it happen!  Today the internet marketing industry has a plethora of tools to help you get to the $$ a lot faster than if you were trying to create these tools yourself.

What about if you are a researcher?  Oh man, this will kill your dreams before you even have a chance to create them.  If you continually research and research, you will eventually realize you really have  learned nothing at all.  Well, okay you may of learned some things but you quite possibly don’t know how to put those pieces together so you can finally be living your dreams.  You may find yourself in “constant learning mode”  and not taking any action.  Again, I have seen this done on many occasions.  There is so much information out on the web, in regards to internet marketing that it could take you a million years just go get through it all.  Just try it, research away and before you know it you will have probably fallen down a never ending “rabbit hole”.  Your mind will become cluttered, confused, and on information overload.  Again, your dreams, ruined by the time you spent consuming your days in research mode.  Take action, make a decision and get the ball going so you can start living your dreams.  It’s yours for the taking.

Then we have the planner.  Oh how I love this one.  “Oh, I am planning to join you but first I want to do this….”  “Oh I am going to do that but first I need to make sure this is all in place…”  “Oh I’m planning on doing that but first I waiting on this…”  Stop planning!  The stars will never align perfectly in your life and if you keep planning without finally taking action you may quickly realize one day someone else is living your dreams because while you were planning they were off creating their dream

Awww…the procrastinator.  Oh how I love thee….  So, you have decided you are going to do XYZ, well what’s going to be different tomorrow or the next day by you putting this off?  Creating a gap between what you know you are going to do and what you will do when….  is a bad habit, my friend.  A habit that will keep you from living your dream.  Unless you want someone else to snag your dreams you need to shake the procrastination and start being an action taker.  Oh, wait, did you say you aren’t procrastinating? You have a good reason, you say?  Or is it just an excuse that makes you feel better about why your are procrastinating?  The mind is a tricky animal and it will surely convince you that you have a valid reason for not doing something, when in reality it is just an excuse.

Oh, did I just mention excuse in the previous paragraph?  I did!  An excuse is a poison that will keep you from living your dreams.  I know, I know, your excuses are valid and you just can’t help it.  NOT!  It’s a dang excuse and that’s all it is.  Simple as that.  If you want to be successful with internet marketing you better block your mind from ever making an excuse or you will be holding yourself back.  I can come up with a million and one excuses why I don’t want to go to the gym today.  I can say I don’t feel good and actually really feel as if I don’t feel good because I made that excuse.  Wala!  I feel better now for not hitting the gym today because I had a good excuse. Who are you trying to convince?  Not the gym, your friend or your family.  You are trying to convince yourself that you have a good reason for not wanting to go to the gym or better yet a good excuse for not living your dreams. Get off your rear, create your dreams and stop making excuses to make yourself feel better as to why you are not achieving those dreams today.

Well, I guess we could just blame someone else for why we quit at trying to achieve our dreams.  Easy enough!  No no no no…..  There’s no one to blame but yourself if you choose not to go after what you want, aka, living your dreams.  It’s no one’s fault because you didn’t succeed.  Pick yourself up off the ground, don’t blame anyone, don’t make excuses and take control of your very OWN life.  It’s time for you to take full responsibility for your own actions, behavior, attitude and start living your dreams you are about to create.

Fear is a funny thing.  I actually like to be fearful but, I was not like that in the beginning of my internet marketing career.  Pushing yourself to do something you are fearful of, is stepping out of your comfort zone.  In order to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone.  If you remain in what’s comfortable, you will never realize what you are truly capable of.  Fear can be paralyzing and it should be your goal every single day to grow, by doing something you fear.  I use to be fearful of the phone and calling my leads.  I spent two weeks straight facing my fear and called every single lead I generated.  The results turned out to be one of my biggest weeks early on in my internet marketing career.  I had my first 10K week all by facing my fears and was moving closer to my dreams.

While this may seem like a in your face kind of post it’s merely my passion and emotion coming through.  You see I too have a quality that frustrates the heck out of me sometimes….it’s caring too much and not understanding why people make things so complicated.  It doesn’t have to be guys.  Don’t let an obstacle get in the way of you living your dreams.  You see, I am living my dream and I want you to live yours and I can clearly see when someone is allowing an obstacle to get in their way of living their dreams.  It’s easy to see from the outside and you have to come to realize that some of your behavioral trends are holding you back from living your dreams. You can overcome but you have a strong determination and heart to never stop and I mean NEVER stop at achieving what you deserve in life.

If you want to start by making things really simple when it comes to internet marketing, take a look at this video I did on a simple tool you can implement into your business today.  You will save a ton of time and energy which will move you closer to living your dreams.

Marketing Made Simple

Starting today I want you to move forward with action so you too can start living your dreams today!

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