Live video from Curacao

If you have been following our emails then you are HERE to see this VIDEO.

As promised, there’s nothing for sale in this email, just some really important news…!

It may be a bit late but let’s just say I have been fighting with my MAC computer all day today.  My editing program was randomly shutting down, my start up disk was full, the internet wasn’t cooperating, you name it, it happened. 

But, hey better late than never. 

So we recorded a special video, just for you, LIVE from the “world famous” and “tropical island” of Curacao.

(just north of Venezuela and east of Aruba on the map)

Google it and you can see it’s an absolutely amazing place to visit.

In fact we are staying at the SAME resort where the “Bachelorette” years ago was filmed… some cool trivia, EH?!

…In fact, I thought it was so cool, that we shot a quick video for you to see it.

What’s more exciting is that we “just” met with a few of our fellow 7 & 8 figure marketing friends. Collectively in the closed door meeting, there was over $50 Million Dollars sitting at the table masterminding together. 

And guess what…??

They convinced us to open our brand new flagship “Online System” early because you’re one of our preferred subscribers who has either bought from us or showed interest in our trainings.

This is the SAME system that helped our BETA clients earn 4-5 figure paydays in just a few weeks, and it’s the SAME system that is currently banking us easily over a half a million dollars a year with just one income stream!

So we are nearly ready to bring this unique opportunity to you as we have made some added additions to sincerely perfect it for you. 

WE personally configured all of the automation for the system, and also personally created all of the training videos so you are never left alone.

Your on our “cool list” so we’ll be sure to keep you “in the loop” on this.

Exciting times ahead my friend!

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