My Biggest Takeaway From Live the Dream III

Live the Dream III

My biggest takeaway from Live the Dream III event wasn’t Tim Erway running away with our $10K check.  It wasn’t the highlight of Bill and I officially speaking on stage for the first time together at this event.  And….it wasn’t all the new partnerships and friendships that we formed.

My biggest takeaway was watching lives transform right in front of my eyes.  I have said it over and over, LIVE EVENTS will change your life!  Indeed it did for one young gentleman at this years Live the Dream III event.

I had the opportunity to watch this gentleman, who I had known for a bit over 6 months, experience an ah-ha moment in his business.   You see over the past 6 months I saw something in him that he could not see. He had the drive, the passion, the personality, the work ethic, and the knowledge to succeed in our industry.

What he lacked was the commitment to stay focused. I watched him move from one opportunity to another over the course of 6 months because he thought his lack of success might be due to the opportunity he was promoting instead of realizing the problem lied within him.

I spoke with him the day before the Live the Dream III event and I suggested that he should upgrade his ticket to VIP since I knew this would really open up the doors for him.

When he arrived at our private mastermind, the day before Live the Dream III started, his vision almost instantly by the end of the day became crystal clear.  Had he of not opted in to upgrade to VIP, chosen to call in sick to work so he could attend our mastermind, he probably would not of had the opportunity to meet his now brand new business partner and gain incredibly clarity in the direction he knew he now needed to go.

The stars aligned perfectly at Live the Dream III.  He just happened to sit next to a young lady who lived about 15 minutes from him.  They had several things in common and most importantly they were looking for a JV partnership.  Throughout the course of the speaker’s presentations he became increasingly aware that he had to get focused on one opportunity, one mentor and one direction.  His decision was to drop all the noise that was distracting him and drop all the opportunities he was bouncing from.

While this may all seem very obvious to some what was so impactful for me was to see with my own eyes his transformation, confidence and realization of his ah-ha moment.  Excitement was just pouring out of him as he explained to me his ah-ha moment and his new outlook on his business.

It’s stories like these that put the biggest smile on my face and warms my heart.  Nothing better than hearing someone say, “This event was worth so much more than the price of admission!”   Nothing better than watching someone’s business & life transform right before my eyes.

In the video below you will find a re cap of our Live the Dream III presentation that Bill and I did from stage.  We also have an exciting opportunity available, that we have never offered before.  What we are looking for is our next success story!  Will that be you?

Watch the video below to get the full details:

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