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Live the Dream II





Well here is your chance to win a ticket to Live the Dream II…..

If you have been hiding under a rock then maybe you didn't hear about the BIGGEST internet marketing event of the year, Live the Dream II.  It's the second annual live event hosted by My Lead System Pro, aka MLSP.  Location?  None other than Disneyworld!  I don't know about you, but I have never been to Disneyworld.  I might sneak out of the Live the Dream II event and check Disneyworld out, ah what am I thinking….of course I will!

Will you be there?  I even was offering bonuses and still am if purchases are made through my Live the Dream II link.  But, hey I understand if  maybe you REALLy want to attend this year's Live the Dream II event, but the ticket is a bit out of your budget.

Well, I am here to save the day for you!  Here's your change to be a part of this EPIC live Live the Dream II event.  The coolest part, other than great speakers, is I am speaking at this event.  You don't want to miss this.  I am known to over deliver some serious content. I always hold nothing back.  

I don't know about you, but this is one event I would not miss.  Attending live events have become life changing for me.  I always meet some amazing leaders, who are a few steps ahead of me.  I have been able to develop some amazing relationships with them and have been able to mastermind with them even after the events.

Don't let me try to convince you, you just need to get to the year's Live the Dream II event to see for yourself.

So how can you win?

Details for the Live the Dream II contest are below:  But, first I got a little annoyed in the beginning when I started this contest, you can see my email I sent to my list below.


Hey there!

Quite frankly I am disappointed with the lack of
action takers on my contest I am holding
to win 1 Live the Dream II Ticket.  

Is there a particular reason why you don't want
massive exposure that I was willing to create
for you?

You can see the contest details below at 
the bottom of this email if you missed my
previous email.

But....I decided to make it a little 
easier for you if you just can't pull 
together a video. 

Frankly I am worried that if you can't 
do a video how are you going to be 
successful in this industry if you aren't
willing to put yourself out there an try.

If you aren't willing to let someone
like me give you massive exposure. 

It's exactly what I allowed Daegan 
Smith and Mark Hoverson do for 
me, no questions asked.  I just 
did it and look where I am today.

I am offering the same for you.

But, hey I understand if you just
don't have it in you to do a video.

So, I am making it a bit easier 
because I want you to win this ticket.

Click here:

No video, just 3 simple steps and you are 
entered in the drawing.

Now if you still want that exposure and 
you still want to do that video then by 
all means let's do it still!

I will still give you the exposure, 
via my list and fan page.

Good luck

Here's the previous email:

Tomorrow the fun finally begins.

I posted a little status update on 
my fanpage to get an idea of how 
many people would be interested in 
winning a FREE general admission pass
to the Live The Dream II event, coming
up in Orlando.

Check out the event here:

Btw....I will speaking at this event.
This is your chance to finally meet me
in person. 

Here's the cool thing. This contest
is a win / win for us.

This is going to be fun, so be
sure to get ahead start.  Trust
me on this.

There's over $4700.00 in prizes up for
grabs this go around and every single
participant is getting traffic sent
directly to their website by me.

You heard that right. 

I'm sending traffic to you just
for participating!

Here's the deal.

From now until September 10th you have the
opportunity to submit your biggest
online business breakthrough in the same spirit 
and with the same transparency as I do everyday
in through my blog, webinars, emails, and
Facebook fan page.

All submissions must be Youtube videos.

If you have a blog that's even better
because what I want you do to is post
your submission to your blog.

Post that link to my Facebook Fan page at:


Then within the next 48 hours I'll send
traffic and leads directly to your blog
and to your video to view it.

You'll get traffic, leads, and
potentially a ton of new followers.

Midnight on September 10th all submissions
will stop.

The next day I will choose the top 10
videos, and then ...

That's when all the fun goes down.

Because we're going to be choosing the
winners American Idol style.

I'll send out all of the top 10 videos
out to the entire list and the video
that get's the most votes wins.

What do they win?

Well, everyone in the top 10 wins, but
here's the breakdown.

Over $4700+ In Prizes:

First Place:
You will get one FREE general admission
ticket to the Live the Dream II Event, 
October 22-23 in Orlando, Fl.
Plus you will get my newly released 
Facebook Marketing Overload Course.
Lifetime Access to my Marketing Overload
Inner Circle Coaching Club. 1 on 1
30 minute coaching session, once a week
for 4 weeks.

Second Place:
You will get my Facebook Marketing Overload
Course for FREE and Lifetime Access to my 
new Marketing Overload Inner Circle 
Coaching Club. 1 on 1
30 minute coaching session, once a 
week for 4 weeks.

Third Place:
Facebook Marketing Overload Course
and 1 on 1 30 minute coaching session, 
once a week for 4 weeks.

Fourth Place:
Facebook Marketing Overload Course

Contest Details:

3 to 5 minutes of you sharing a
marketing breakthrough is going to
guarantee I send traffic directly to
your site and you have the potential to
win your ticket to Live the Dream II ...

Just a hint though, not that it will 
matter since I know some of you have never
worked with me, but if you have a testimonial
about how I have helped you somehow
is a GREAT example of content for you

No, it doesn't have to be but...I would
keep it for my blog to give you more 
exposure...just a thought for you.

The only way to loose is to to play, so
get your videos in to me asap because it
will mean traffic for you within 48

This is about to be the MOST fun
marketing you've ever had.

Updates tomorrow.

To the top,

Michelle Alpha Pescosolido

PS Don't forget to put it on my fanpage


Now tell me….will you take the first or second route to get your ticket.  Heck, if you win I will even arrange for you to come as my guest to Mark Hoverson's event there Friday night.  So get your entires in to me and let's get you to Live the Dream II.

By the way….if you didn't know I have been working with Daegan Smith.  Check out how I created a win/ win situation in this video below in reference to this contest.  

Live the Dream II contest idea I came up with.




Good luck and I hope to see you at Live the Dream II.

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