Live the Dream II Contest Update

Live the Dream II


Here's an update on the contest I am having.  If you have missed my previous blog post click HERE to read the details on the contest. 

Live the Dream II Contestants

Originally when I announced this contest, I had a vision in mind of a ton of action takers willing to do a video on their breakthrough moments.  Well after a few days, I had nothing.  I didn't really just spring this contest on my list or fans.  I actually put a post up a few days before the official announcement and asked if anyone was interested in winning a Live the Dream II ticket.  The response was overwhelming, so I created what I thought was the perfect contest that would be a win/win for both of us. 

All I asked for was a video testimonial stating a breakthrough moment they had in their career as an entrepreneur.  I figured, I am giving away a ticket valued at $199.00 and making one simple video would totally be worth it to be at the Live the Dream II event in October. 

Hmm….I was quite disappointed when I didn't see an entry at all and thought to myself, REALLY?  No one is willing to put forth a little effort and take action to possibly win a ticket.  A few days before everyone was onboard, they just didn't know the details.  

Which brings me to this.  How much are you willing to risk to get what you want?  I know for myself I seem to always risk everything and end up winning in the end.  This business comes down to a couple of things, risk taking, action, determination and hard work.  There's no quitting involved in this business.  

Do you know that I wanted to quit so many times and if I had I would of missed out on this amazing journey I have been on.  There would be no husband, who just left his job to work with me full time.  There would be no 6 figure income in 6 months.  There would be no "Michelle" speaking at the Live the Dream II event.  I could go on and on.

So my message to you today is if you want to make it in this industry you must NEVER quit.  I don't care how bad it seems, find a way to make it happen and quit blaming others for your failure.  Stop making excuses and make it happen!

Okay, off my soap box… and back to the contest. 

So, what happened? Well I wrote an email to my list expressing my disappointment and wa-la videos starting coming in. 

First I want to congratulate all the people who have submitted videos so far for the Live the Dream II contest.  Some of these guys are doing a video for the first time ever!  

Now that you know that, do me a favor and show them some love by visiting their fan page and blog, leave them a kuddos for stepping up to the plate.  They truly stepped out in their uncomfortable zone. 

Ready?  Here are the latest Live the Dream II contestants

Click on the names below to view their entry

Scott Blayney

Fan Page


Brandi Roberts

Fan Page


Chris Aarhus

Fan Page


Mike Bragg

Fan Page


Kelly Elliott

Fan Page

Please be sure to show them some love on their page and fan pages.  Also tell me who your favorites are by posting a comment in the section below this post.

I have more entries, that I will be posting tomorrow.  

Final results of the Live the Dream II contest will be announced on September 12, 2011.

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