Linked Influence

Linked Influence

Linked Influence is a full money back guarantee comprehensive course that was created by Lewis Howes.

If you landed here there is a good chance you are researching either Linked Influence or Lewis Howes.  Either way I am here to give you the information you need to understand exactly what you will be getting if you decide to purchase the Linked Influence course.

There are 4 video module trainings you can watch online or download to watch whenever it is convenient for you. As a bonus Lewis Howes is also offering his first book “LinkedIn Working”, “LinkedIn Master Strategies”, and “Twixplode”, which is a twitter training course.  The first two are pdf’s and the third is an ebook.

Now I am a Facebook marketer and have built a successful business online using just Facebook marketing.  Though, I have always been intrigued with LinkedIn.

I truly understand the value of social media and LinkedIn is one method that is often overlooked. Lewis Howes shows in his LInked Influence course an exceptional way to build your business through unique techniques for even those on a small budget.

The Linked Influence course also teaches on how to build your brand by gaining exposure through various strategies that he teaches throughout his course. In addition to these strategies Lewis Howes also teaches on lead generation and conversions. Even if you think you already know LinkedIn think of this course as an addition to expanding your knowledge in marketing either for the benefit of your own business or those that you are passionate about helping too.

Linked Influence Review – Video Training Modules

Module 1 Linked Influence:

Lewis Howes introduces the foundation through 10 videos in this module. He discusses the basics on how to create your profile for maximum exposure. Not many realize that LinkedIn sorts the user’s profiles for better search capabilities. LinkedIn is a high authority ranking site and it’s important to understand and implement this module to rank on the first page of Google for your particular keywords.

Video 1 Foundation
Video 2 Navigation
Video 3 Optimizing Your Keyword ranking
Video 4 Recommendations
Video 5 Your Public profile Link
Video 6 Social Media Integration
Video 7 Specialties
Video 8 Websites
Video 9 Summary
Video 10 Work Experience

Module 2 Linked Influence:

This particular module discusses how to grow your LinkedIn audience. Lewis Howes packs this module with network building techniques.  Not only that he shows you how to build  large, targeted business connections. Mostly he does this technique through groups, and underutilized feature in LinkedIn.

Video 1 Adding Connections, Exporting Contacts
Video 2 Automation using Linkedin Groups
Video 3 Building Your Email List with Groups
Video 4 Creating Groups
Video 5 Growing Your Linkedin Group
Video 6 How To Build Your Database
Video 7 Researching & Joining Groups

Module 3 Linked Influence:

Module 3 of the Linked Influence consists of advanced techniques to ensure profits in your business.

Video 1 How To Connect With The Right Investors
Video 2 How To Get A Job On Linkedin
Video 3 Selling Tickets & Promoting Events
Video 4 Adding A Blog And Other Applications
Video 5 Driving Traffic To You Site

Module 4 Linked Influence:

This last module goes into detail on how to your LinkedIn page, similar to your Facebook Fan Page. There are many ways to leverage LinkedIn to find new clients / customers and Lewis Howes stops at nothing to teach his students these strategies.

He also shows his students how to utilize the question & answer section to build your brand.

Video 1 Creating Your Company Page
Video 2 Increase Your Influence With Q&A

Linked Influence Bonus Materials

Video 1 Using Linkedin Advert – LinkedIn has recently started using PPC advertising, similar to Facebook.  This bonus goes into detail on how to utilize the advertising feature within LinkedIn for profit.

Linkedin Working: 124 page pdf ebook – This book contains interviews with top leaders on how they use LinkedIn for profits.  A great pdf showing what’s working now.

Linkedin Master Strategies:    Strategies, strategies, and more strategies on how to generate leads into your business.  How to convert them into sales.  How to successfully build your brand and much more….

Twixplode: The final bonus on how to grow a huge following on twitter.  This is a following that will be loyal and responsive. This is a module for those looking to capitalize on twitter and create automation.

Linked Influence Guarantee

The course does come with a money back guarantee. The product is delivered digitally and can be downloaded.

If you are not happy for any reason with the Linked Influence product you can get a full refund.

To get access today click on the following link: Linked Influence.

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