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A Lead Inside My Lead System Pro Doesn’t Have a Phone # Now What?

So you worked really hard and you either generated your first lead inside My Lead System Pro or maybe you are finally generating leads but you are not getting phone numbers, along with those leads.  Now what?  Is that lead worthless now?  I am about to share with you a few tips on how to track that lead down.  These tips I am sharing with you, I currently use with my own My Lead System Pro leads that do not provide phone numbers.

My Lead System Pro Tip #1

Take your lead’s email and copy the email address.  Take that copied email address and paste it in Facebook, up in the search bar and see if the person comes up.  If you hit the jackpot and the person comes up, check on their information tab for a phone number.  If there is not a number you can also request them as a friend, but I would highly advise that  you actually send a friendly email along with your friend request.  You can simply state that you saw they opted in to your MLSP page and you wanted to connect with them.  Once they accept your friend request, your are now one step closer to recruiting them into My Lead System Pro or quite possibly into your primary business.

My Lead System Pro Tip #2

No luck with finding that lead in Facebook, not all is lost.  Here’s another option.  Take the email you have, even though they are receiving your autoresponder emails, simply take the time the same day and write them a personal email.  You can say something like this:

Hi John, I saw that you opted in to my page in reference to generating leads online.  I didn’t have a good number for you, so I wanted to touch base with you.

Did you have a chance to watch the presentation on My Lead System Pro?  If so do you feel it would help you in your primary business?  Maybe you can tell me specifically what you were looking for when you opted in and I can discuss with you how My Lead System Pro can help you with your business.

Currently I generate X amount of leads a day and have been using the system for X amount of time.   (or insert something here you like about MLSP and how it helps you with your business) The system has literally changed the entire direction of my business.

Feel free to give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.  I look forwarding to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have.

There you have it, take a little time to do this with every single lead you generate without a phone numbers and you will see more conversions. You can even do this with your leads that have given you a phone number but didn’t answer the phone.

My Lead System Pro Tip #3

Even though I have used the regular My Lead System Pro autoresponders for over a year and they worked just fine for me, it might be a good idea to add in a few of your own into the series.  The reason why is because most people who are on the hunt for a solution, quite possibly did not just opt in to your page.  This means all those emails you are sending, are probably just like the next person’s emails that they opted in too also. You can’t call them since you don’t have a phone number, but if you have separate emails going out with your own personal touch and encouraging them to call you, this could be a game changer for you.

These are only a few suggestions you can use when dealing with leads that don’t have a phone number.  If you are looking for more help or you are looking for a system like My Lead System Pro to generate leads into your business on a daily basis then be sure to visit me by clicking HERE.  





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