So today I want to talk about creating a Lead Magnet using Lead Pages.

So what is Lead Pages?

It’s an online marketing software that allows you to build high converting lading pages for your business offers. You can often times get other types of links approved using lead pages that may not get approved otherwise once you do a redirect. As a marketer you want to be able to build your list. Lead pages can help facilitate this by helping you do different types of content that you can then offer as a LeadMagnet in exchange for contact information from your website visitors.

Giving away free content is the fastest way to grow your audience and build your email list. LeadPages makes giving away free content “bribes” easier than ever. With their simple templates, you can create opt-in pages that instantly send your subscribers free content bribes (or “lead magnets”) when they opt-in for your email list. Unlike other software, you can give away as many different content bribes as you want on multiple opt-in pages and still drive your new subscribers to the same email list. You can also link your email service provider into Lead Pages, and send your new email subscribers confirmation emails, welcome messages or other communications once they receive your Lead Magnet.

Another cool thing that I love about LeadPages is that we can redirect traffic to older landing pages with just a few clicks. Not all landing pages should last forever. Sometimes an offer expires. Sometimes the live webinar on your “webinar registration page” happened weeks ago. But that does not mean web traffic stops visiting these outdated pages.

I’ve been using Lead Pages for several months now to help grow my subscriber base and I LOVE it! So I want to challenge you to take action and go make some Lead Pages for your business! Click HERE to learn more about Lead Pages!

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