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Jonathan Budd and Michelle

My Jonathan Budd Letter

Oh my this is so embarrassing and I can’t believe I am about to share this with you.  I am still cracking up laughing in fact in tears from laughing at this.  Here’s how this little discovery went down.

Back in April, 2012 while hanging out in the penthouse at the No Excuses Event, I had the opportunity to hang out with Jonathan Budd.  We had a great conversation that we planned on continuing after we arrived home from the event.  So, he reached out to me the other day and requested me as a friend on Facebook. So, I just went to message him in Facebook and found a message that I sent him back in June of 2010.

Now understand first I was brand spanking new and probably had just discovered the world of online marketing for about 2 weeks.  You see Jonathan Budd was the first person I found when doing my research on how to build a business online.

Being the ignorance on fire person I was I actually emailed him and I wanted to share this with you.  For those of you that do not know me fast forward to today where we have achieved the following:

  • Healthy 6 figure income making over 20K a month
  • Built that 6 figure income in 6 months from jumping online
  • Bill was able to retire from his corporate america job just after one year of being online to join in on the business
  • Speaker at some of the biggest internet marketing events of the year (Live the Dream II & NES3)
  • Speaker at our primary company’s events
  • Top leader inside a proven attraction marketing system called MLM Lead System Pro
  • Created GetFansGetPaid Facebook marketing product which did over 100,000 in sales in less than 10 days
  • Managed several large company’s Facebook accounts that are in the internet marketing industry
  • JV partnerships with top leaders in the internet / network marketing industry
  • Top affiliate for many of the top businesses online
  • #2 in our primary company
  • Currently added 2-3 people a week into our primary company
  • Sponsoring over 375 people int MLSP adding in 3-5 people a day, consistently

Okay so I don’t tell you the above stuff to brag because I know it doesn’t pay your bills.  I do it because I want to position you to understanding where we are now to where I was 2 years ago in June of 2010.  There are many who are struggling and restricted by lack of funds.  This may be you and many think there is no way they can ever amount to anything because they are broke.

So as I was sending Jonathan Budd this message I noticed above my message an old message that Facebook had archived from June of 2010.  Again I had just started and had only been online for 2 weeks or so.  This is what I wrote Jonathan Budd.  (embarrassing)

Jonathan Budd Letter


Hey there! I am a a follower of you. Well, actually my team member and friend, Eric Wilkes, pointed out some of your stuff to me. Eric is giving me some tips and helping me clean up a crazy mess in my upline left here at Xyngular. Anyways….the mess is all gone and now Eric is right above me Jonathan Budd

So, I hope you don’t mind but I have been researching like crazy and I finally built a blog site. I signed up as an affiliate under you and am promoting your stuff on that page. I mentioned that you were a friend and a coach to me. Would that be fine with you? I hope so only because I have learned so much from you in the past week.

I would love to purchase your MLM Launch program but I am tight on funds due to my upline breaking me this month.

Anyways….thanks for all your information and I can only hope to be as big as you one day!!! I am determined and have the drive so Ill get there!

Michelle Alpha

Okay one, I apparently write horribly and two wow I was so wet behind the ears.  Needless to say Jonathan Budd did not respond but I sure got a kick out of seeing this from when I was just getting started in the industry.

Oh my, how time goes by and how quickly 2 years can fly by.  You see the plan was simple for me, work hard, word consistent, stay focused, test test test, and never ever give up no matter what obstacle was thrown my way.  All it takes my friends is crystal clear why something bigger than any obstacle that comes your way and a burning desire.

I hope you enjoyed this very REAL moment I just shared with you and yes, embarrassing.  But, without transparency we can’t build trust with people and build relationships.  I appreciate you being here and hope you enjoyed my Jonathan Budd moment.


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