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How to Use Jing to Screen Capture & Record

Jing by Camtasia is a great program you can use to easily capture a screen shot or a screen recording on your computer. There is a free version and a paid version.  So, depending on your needs you can decide which one best fits your own business or personal needs.

The free version of Jing iss great for simple screenshot and screen movie sharing (limit to 5 minutes). Not much versatility beyond that, but that’s okay if that’s all you really need.

For more versatility which I highly recommend, I would go with the $14.95 per year version.  With this version, called Jing Pro, you can shoot high-def screen capture video in a more portable MPEG-4 format, and allows YouTube posting, two bits that are not included in the free product.

If you are like us and do a lot of how to videos that record your screen, I recommend you going with the Jing Pro.  This will allow you to easily publish your video in MPEG-4 format at a push of a button right up to YouTube.

Here is a recent demonstration I did inside of MLSP showing members how they could use Jing to easily capture their screen’s for a better response from the support desk.

Want to know more about Jing and Jing Pro? Click HERE.

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