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Is There an Ambit Energy Scam

First off congratulations on doing due diligence on researching whether there is an Ambit Energy Scam or not.  I am not part of Amit Energy but have been in the network marketing industry for quite sometime and I can tell you that Ambit Energy is a viable network marketing vehicle and the reports that there is an Ambit Energy scam is false.

So, what’s with these Ambit Energy scam claims?  I will get into that in a moment but first let’s talk about what Ambit Energy is all about.

Ambit Energy Overview

Ambit Energy is a natural gas and electricity provider that creates sales through direct selling in deregulated energy markets all over the US. They have the current force of 150,000 or more independent consultants that handles their direct selling channels. Offering cost-effective solutions for the modern energy consumer.

Ambit Energy is a respected retail energy distributor and they are located in Dallas, Texas. Harvesting multiple awards from prestigious Business Magazines, Newspapers and Institutions. These awards just show how effective and reliable ambit Energy’s marketing strategies are in selling their products.

Ambit unlike any other company in energy  has offerings of the Ambit advantages to their customers. Appreciation for their customer’s loyalty just by joining or enrolling for their services.

Ambit energy also has a referral program in which if you refer 15 Customers to enroll with Ambit Energy as their energy provider you can receive a free energy compensation.

They also have travel rewards.  Once can earn reward points just by being a customer or by referring customers. These points can be redeemed for getaways, trips and cruises.

Earning Opportunity with Ambit Energy 

Typically distributors join Ambit Energy and work to build their business by referring new customers.  This is what results in the residual income but it should be noted that Ambit is only in a few states across the US.  Those states are the deregulated energy states that allow companies like Ambit to do business in their state.

Investment is very minimal to start and no renewal fee required.  The initial investment covers the costs for the consultant support system. This support system is designed to help for the business-building tools, guidance and limitless training.

So Why the Claims of the Ambit Energy Scam?

Typically a distributor buys in on a great marketing message of another distributor of the Ambit business.  They are told they can just refer customers and build a life long residual income to where they finally be financially free and have more time to do the things they love.  While this is true, only about 1-3% of distributors ever have success.

Therefore, when success does not happen for the other 97% you find a few disgruntled distributors who shout “Ambit Energy scam” who blame the company and their upline. While it really is no one’s fault other than the distributor just really was not taught what it really takes to build a successful network marketing business.

You see those who are successful just have more exposure to people or leads to talk to every single day.  It’s a numbers game and the more exposure you can give the better your chances are for success.  So when a distributor starts they listen to their upline who tell them to make a list of all their friends and family to pitch on the product and the opportunity.

While this method can create a small amount of success at some point your warm market runs out.  The distrbutor whose warm market runs out gets frustrated and ends up quitting.

But, there is a simple solution.  You see leaders who are successful in network marketing know how to generate a plethora of leads to talk to every single day.  This is the key to success.

So what can you do to ensure you don’t become a statistic in the failure rate?  Do what top leaders are doing in Ambit and leverage a system on the internet that can generate  you daily lead flow.  Again it’s numbers game and the more people you have the ability to talk to the better your chances are for success.

To view the top internet marketing system that top leaders in Ambit are using – Click HERE. 

This is the exact system that has helped many leaders generate 50+ leads a day and helped sponsor over 21 reps a month into their Ambit Energy business.
Again Ambit Energy Scam???  There is NO truth behind the reports of an Ambit Energy scam.

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