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Is There A Market America Scam?

If you landed here on this page there is a good chance you are researching the claims as to whether there is a Market America scam.  First off I want to say congratulation on doing your due diligence in researching the Market America opportunity.

Also I am not a part Market America but am here to tell you there is not a Market America scam.  Now you might be wondering since you were probably researching Market America scam why there is negative information on the company.  While that’s never a good thing to find online let me ask you to open your mind up a bit here while I clarify some things for you.

Market America was founded in 1992 by James Ridinger.  The company is headquarterd in Greensboro, NC.  Amway was the company Mr. Ridinger was a part of before becoming a part of Market America.  Amway if you don’t know is probably one of the few companies considered to be the grandaddy of all network marketing companies along with a few others like Herbalife and Mary Kay. Mr. Ridinger has an extensive history in network marketing for over 20 years which clearly if there were a Market America scam you would definitely know by now, which there is not.

The company has embraced the internet for their marketing and they are using the power of the people to communicate their marketing message. They have also trademarked their business concept and named it the “Unfranchise” System, which permits their distributors to sell Market America products and sponsor new team members into the Market America business.

Wouldn’t you like to get paid to shop?  Maybe just a dream?  Well, not with Market America.  The company has partnered with over 2600 retailers in the United States like Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, etc.

The Market America’s “Cash Back System” allows you to earn cash on your purchases.  In addition to this there is a section for coupons.  This section is in place to keep customers / distributors up to date with the latest discounts.

Your choices when you join Market America is to either be a sales representative or a distributor.  As a sales representative, there is no feee.  You basically earn buy products at the distributor cost and earn a retail profit.

Now if you choose to become an Unfranchise Owner (Independent Representative), you will have a membership fee of $129.95 where you can buy products at the distributor level and earn retail profit.  A distributor can also participate in the management performance compensation plan and earn commissions and residual income with their business.

In conclusion there is no Market America scam

However, the business won’t work unless you do. This is most likely the reason you hear that there is a Market America scam due to the fact that distributors were not properly trained by their upline.

If you choose to become an Unfranchise Owner, you will need to learn how to market yourself effectively on the Internet. This strategy does not mean that you go out and pitch everyone on your products and opportunity.  Notice how I said market yourself and not chase around your warm market.

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You deserve success and getting your business off on the right foot is key to becoming successful quickly.  This system will ensure you get the proper tools that you need to succeed so you too won’t fall victim to failing and screaming out one day that there is a Market America scam, in which there is not.


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