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Is Send Out Cards a Scam?

Maybe you have heard of Send Out Cards, the largest first-class mailing company in U.S., that sells greeting cards to people all over the world in which you can also make money from. Quite possibly you have already visited the Send Out Cards site and you have a good idea how the business works. Though, if you are new to network marketing you might be concerned if this is legit.  In fact you may even be wondering is Send Out Cards a Scam due to all the numerous internet schemes you see nowadays.

There are several factors one needs to look for to prove whether or not a company is a scam or not. Through the years, Send Out Cards has clearly proven to be a potential success story in our industry.  This post will lay out the facts and give you a clear understanding on how legitimate Send Out Cards is or is not.

One of the reasons many claim that Send Out Cards is a scam is because of the structure of the compensation plan. To someone who has an history of being successful in network marketing recruiting should be an easy task but for someone just starting out you are going to need to be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed.  Without those skills is will be difficult if not impossible to build a successful Send Out Cards business.

The basic skills you need is a good attitude, determination and the focus to convince people to join your Send Out Cards organization.

Send Out Cards does have very good credentials and has been around since 2004. It has been one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the world and has now become the largest first-class mailing companies in the US. They have sent out more than 50 million cards around the world all with the help of over 60,000 independent distributors. With such a track record who could possibly feel or think that Send Out Cards is a scam?

Maybe you are reading this and still doubt the legitimacy and stability of Send Out Cards. If you do then I would suggest you analyze their product. As their name suggests, their service is sending out greeting cards and not just e-cards. You have the option of designing your own cards in just a few minutes.  You also have the option to send out brownies and other gifts with your customizable card. One appealing option to many is that the cards can actually be sent with your pre-written signature handwriting that you send into the company when you join.

There is also an option to set up a campaign where your cards will be scheduled and sent out various times of the year that you choose. This feature saves you time and makes sending cards to recipients as easy as a click of a button.

A great product, excellent marketing plan, and solid leadership – it’s no question that the company is as real as it can be.  But, you may find yourself at some point struggling to build your business because your warm market has run out.  You have run out of contacts and leads.  Many at this point give up on their Send Out Cards business and that’s where we come in to help you overcome this obstacle.  To learn more on how we generate upwards of 35 leads a day, earn upwards of 519.27 cents a day into our business click here to start building your Send Out Cards business today.

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