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Creating An Irresistible Offer

When creating an irresistible offer there are 5 strategies that have the greatest influence on your buyers.  Whatever niche you are in knowing these strategies will help you create an irresistible offer that will have your prospects buying from you in that very instance.

Below you will find these strategies in order of how you craft your irresistible offer, but you can certainly overlap or switch them up around your situation.

It’s human nature that when there is a hole the law that follows is to fill that void.

  • Fill the Void in your irresistible offer – Think about this.  When someone offers you something of VALUE and does it for free, do you feel a subconscious pressure to give something back? Most people do feel they should give back in someway, but only if the person received something of value. This feeling is known in marketing as filling the void. Therefore when crafting your irresistible offer make sure you are creating an offer that your prospect will feel they need to fill the void with.
  • Reciprocation – In marketing the word “FREE” is a powerful word. This is why you see marketers using it over and over again. Everyone likes FREE stuff, right? Think about it, free means no obligation, cost, and the person receiving the free doesn’t need to feel obligated.  But, if that free is something of real value that imbalance is created. There is a need to fill the void of that imbalance. Quite possibly immediately or not, but there will be a nagging sub-conscious motivation to reciprocate in some form.  So be sure to use powerful words like “FREE” in your irresistible offer.

If you are challenging me on this it’s probably because when someone doesn’t reciprocate they really didn’t appreciate the full value of the offer.  This is why it’s so important that whatever it is you are offering for free, you want to make sure your prospects find REAL value in what they are receiving.

If you want to step up your irresistible offer then make your “free” offer available only to prospects who take swift action now.

  • Get your customer to like you  – Customers who grow to like you, trust you, will buy from you.  Once you have given your free offer, it’s now time to get them to like you. The next step would be to show them that you value them, maybe through video, email, phone call, etc.

Don’t fret though not everyone will “like” you and you can’t please everyone but if you consistently take this approach you will have better odds of finding customers.

Add a personal touch and be real in your follow up as if you were spekaing to a friend you care about. Keep it simple yet real.

  • Build Trust – Now this one can be tricky.  When I hear someone tell me “trust me” I think of a used car salesman that would do anything, aka lie to get me to trust them.  If you want your prospects to trust you then take a leadership role with them and present yourself as an authority figure. Be an expert in your niche.  Develop endorsements and testimonials.  Be the go to person in your niche / training.

Depending on where you place your irresistible offer make sure you include testimonials, social proof, etc. Remember most people don’t want to make the decision, so if you have others speaking highly of you and saying yes it will be much easier for your prospect to say yes to your offer.

  • Create Scarcity in your irresistible offer– Scarcity motivates. Create scarcity in your offers, for example, “Only for the next 24 hours” “Only for the next 3 who take action” “Expires on XYZ date”, etc.

People like to have their problems solved.  They like to feel good about themselves and feel as if they are getting something of value.  What’s even better is if you can create a perception that there is limited quantity available, a time frame. It’s the supply and demand concept and it’s human nature that people don’t want to miss out.

One Last Irresistible Offer Tip

One more tip to add if you want to convert your irresistible offer is to offer a guarantee of some sort, 30 day money back guarantee, etc. This will boost your credibility and give your prospect a sense of security.

Remember these 5 tips when creating your irresitable offer and you will see a dramatic increase in your results of your business.

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