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Mark Hoverson's Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint – PreLaunch July 5th




On July 5th things will be heating up as Mark Hoverson begins to unveil his newest product Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint. I just got off the phone with Mark and he just told me this is going to be bigger than his bit hit course Leadership Branding. I personally took his leadership branding course and simply put it rocked!  I was able to implement his teachings into my business which has aided in my success to 6 figures in 6 months.  

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Course

After the pre launch phase is over the course will be officially open and will consist of  of 6 modules over a 6 week period, 1 bonus module for week 7, andOnce Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint releases it will consist of 6 modules action guides. See below:

Modules to Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint

1. Irresistible caffeine product creation – Mark will be going over quick cash creation products which are sometimes called traffic products.

2. Creating Irresistible teams – Mark will show you how to create competition within teams, create a strong affiliate team, and how to find the darkhorse in your team.

3. Irresistible email creation with bonus created at the end – Mark will be going over effective ad copy, strategies that cause money to flow into your pocket, and much more…

4. Irresistible selling webinar creation – Mark has identified 37 components to an irresistible webinar. He will have gaming elements within this module for engagement that will actually put money in your pocket.  Life changing module that you won’t want to miss.

5. Irresistible long term asset product creation –  Mark will demonstrate the creation of products that keep making you money over and over.  This is the big info product in your toolbox and Mark is going to show you how to do it.

6. Irresistible speaking secrets – If  you get on stage you must know these secrets on how finish your speech with the audience’s heads down filling out your form where they are  giving you 5k for your product.  You will be learning the strategies on how to close a room.

7. Word for word recruiting secrets – Bonus

8. Instant Product creation – bonus

9. and much more…..

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This is launch is going to be fierce and competitive.  Be looking for Eric Wilkes and I to partner up on this one and watch us take one of the top 10 positions.  But, we can't do that without your help.  That's why you should stay tuned to our Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint blog for the latest updates on bonus offerings, early bird access information, interviews, reviews, webinars, and much more.  Be sure to get on the VIP list by clicking here. 

I have witnessed first hand Mark Hoverson in action when it comes to product creation and marketing to create thousands upon thousands in sales in a matter of days.  There is no doubt in my mind that this killer product will put you lightyears ahead of the competition and will open up a whole new world of income streams, once you buy this course.

Eric and I are personally sponsored and partnered with Mark so we have the inside track on Mark's Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint product.  We will be revealing some exciting details soon and you too will be hearing from Mark himself if you are on our list. 

We are stoked!  We are excited and we can't wait for you too see what's in store for YOU when Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint launches.

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