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Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Lead Contest

We are pulling out all the stops here with the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint and we want you to be a part of this EPIC offer.

This email has huge FREE value so stick with me.

Yesterday Mark Hoverson called me saying our team was in 6th place in this contest of his Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint lead contest.  We didn't realize there was a competition for people who actually opted in to the site the way.

If you have been under a rock or on vacation the past few days here is what we are talking about.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Update

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He also said we are holding strong Mark but we might need to step it up a bit because we are going up against some big leaders in this industry.

He also told us he would really like to see us take this since we are part of his GRN team. 

But, it's fierce out there because there are some big guys out there promoting this Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint too….

You know the ones that always win. Let's give us guys a BREAK!  What do  you say?  

It's not that I like to win I just hate to lose.  I love a good competition, of course a friendly one.

So, what's this got to do with you? We have created a win / win formula.

You help our team, Adam Holland, Debbie Turner, Eric Wilkes and myself move up to number one and we will give you two killer bonuses, plus you will be receiving on Mark's page all his over delivered content. (What the heck was he thinking?)

If he is giving away over 3 hours of content on this first video for FREE I can't imagine how powerful the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint product will be when it finally opens. (BTW….I'll be first in line to buy)

What do you have to do you ask? Simple go opt in to our link here:

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Use a valid email address so we know where to send your bonuses.

We will send you the following killer bonuses:

1. How Mark Hoverson did one webinar that made me over 4K in approx. 2hours. You will see the actual webinar we did!

This is a great example of what he is talking about in his first video release and if you scroll down to "Do your webinars suck?" section
on the link below you will see where he talks about myself and this launch.

Actually check it out it's great!

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If you implement these strategies I am teaching and Mark you are guaranteed to have a whole new cash world open up right before your eyes.  That simple.

2. Adam Holland has graciously thrown in his bonus interview with Mark Hoverson.

This interview is jam packed with 8 figure nuggets on how to personally
brand yourself, downline edification, and much more….

3. Eric Wilkes closing and prospecting videos, which has only been available to our private coaching club students.

If you haven't met Eric let me tell you he is a master at prospecting and closing and in these videos is sharing with you exactly how it's done.

Deal ?  What do you say? Wow!  You would be crazy not to take
2 minutes to do this for us just to get F.REE valuable content that we normally charge for.

All you have to do is take 2 minutes and opt in by giving a good email

Here's the link again…..

Click HERE

We want your help and it's time for some new faces to win!  

This competition is fierce and we are going up against:

 1. Ann Sieg…
2. Ray and Ferny (from no excuses)…
3. My good friends at  MLSP…
4. Many of the Carbon Copy pro guys…
5. Even Mr. Jonathan Budd…

And that's NOT including powerhouses like Daegan Smith, Mike Klingler, and a slew of other top marketers who're scheduled to mail in the next few days…

All of whom are jockeying for top bragging rights.

But here's the funny thing…

Although we are in 6th place now, we are only about  10 people away from cracking the third Spot!

As good as we are, we honestly know we can't do this alone.  

Not only will you get Mark's killer video training series (one of the few guys in the industry who REALLY KNOWS what he's doing)…

Side note: if you've already opted in for his free training, don't worry, Mark's sending me a list of everyone that has already joined (for free mind-you), and you'll still get access to ALL the stuff we put together for this launch. 

We really need your help because we REFUSE TO LOSE, and I know with you taking 2 minutes of your time now and checking out Mark's videos, we can not only finish in the top 5, but we honestly believe we can take this whole darn thing. 

Let's show these big guru's with huge lists 3-5 times bigger than
our lists that it's quality relationships over quanity that wins in the end.

Now I know this may be asking alot but I believe my subscribers, that being you are the best in the world and can always count on me for value. Help us by proving these big ole guys wrong for us today.

All you have to do is click below and provide your valid name and email…

Click HERE

Yes we are bribing but I wouldn't do it if we didn't think you deserve to see what Mark has to offer in his Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint pre launch videos and deserve to get our FREE bonuses that we know will change your business for the better.

Take 2 minutes to do it now, it's all it takes.  Who knows I may be
returning the favor for you one day.

Be sure to also check out:

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Fanpage and Blog today.

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