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For the first time ever 4 top internet marketers break the mold and do something that’s never been done before….  

Host a live event for FREE! 

That’s right! You read that correctly.

Michelle and I, along with our friends and business partners Kate & Andrew McShea are completely shaking things up and we’re hosting a 2 day, comprehensive, live event in Dallas, TX on Sept 25th, 26th, & 27th! 

Traffic Mastery 180

Come hang with Bill & Michelle Pescosolido and Kate & Andrew McShea at Traffic Mastery 180 in Dallas!

Introducing Traffic Mastery 180

We want to create success stories and specifically, we want to help you create your success story!

That’s why we’re designing and structuring Traffic Mastery 180 to be completely different than any other live event that you’ve ever attended!

We’re going to provide you with the exact step by step blueprint that we’ve used in our own businesses to go from zero to well over 6 figure in less than 1 year.

Together we’re going to roll up our sleeves and dive deep into exactly what you need right now to create

 Traffic Mastery


When you attend Traffic Mastery 180 here’s what you will receive: 

Day 1:

  • Pinpointing Your Target Market
  • Sales Funnels (Get That Sweet Spot Offer)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Marketing That Gets You Leads
  • Building Your Brand
  • Facebook Branding
  • First Steps To Scale 6-Figures

Day 2:

  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic (*To 6 and 7 Figures)!
  • Increasing Lead Flow
  • Getting More Sales
  • Email Marketing Sales
  • Email Marketing Branding
  • Video Marketing To Close Sales
  • Video Marketing For Branding
  • Phone Closing Ninja Tricks
  • Final Steps To Scale 6-Figures

Right now you’re probably asking yourself….

“Why on earth would you hold a FREE LIVE EVENT??”

So here’s the deal (and let me know if this sounds familiar) we’ve attended plenty of live events over the last five years and 3 things come to mind about each and everyone of those events.

  1. The events have to appeal to such a wide audience that the content and training ends up being very general and quite frankly… a bit watered down. Unfortunately the net result is that most people leave these events leaving more overwhelmed then when they showed up.
  2. In order to lure in quality speakers the event planners are obligated to let the speakers sell from stage so the event ends up being a huge pitch fest. For obvious reasons the speakers are now more focused on selling their product rather than truly delivering quality content and training.
  3. The cost of the ticket just to attend the event is added on top all of the other travel expenses for the attendee just to show up. Unfortunately this ends up “pricing out” the people who will benefit the most from attending at a live event.

Well not this time!

This is a one of a kind LIVE EVENT and we’re making this an absolute “no-brainer” for you to attend.

Here’s a fact… marketers like you need personal help, but personal help costs money.

We could conduct individual 1 on 1 phone calls with people but a one hour phone call with just one of us wouldn’t do your business justice and give you the comprehensive training that is required to successfully build an online business. 

(also, conducting dozens and dozens of individual 1 hour phone calls isn’t the best use of our time…. there’s no leverage in that model)

So we felt that the best way to give you the personal coaching and mentorship that you deserve is to invite you to Dallas for 2 days of hands on, face to face, comprehensive training.

Traffic Mastery

“So how is Traffic Mastery 180 different from all of the other events?”


Traffic Mastery 180 is different from all of the other events for a few reasons:

1.) This will not be a “pitch fest”.

The four of us will be your hosts and primary trainers for the two days. We also have two very special guest speakers but they have willingly agreed to just provide really amazing value and training and not pitch you a thing!

2.) This will be a small, intimate, dare I say “workshop” like environment.

This is not some 5000 person event where you have to watch the speakers on the jumbo-tron because you’re sitting too far away from the stage to actually see their faces.

This won’t even be a 500 person event where you can still get lost in the shuffle and not know where to go or not be able to ask questions.

Traffic Mastery 180 has been specifically designed to be a small and intimate environment where you can ask questions as we go along and interact with us to make sure that all of your questions will be answered and that ALL of the “online puzzle pieces” will get pieced together for you.

3.) This event won’t cost you “an arm and a leg”.

Traffic Mastery 180 will be free for you to attend. There is a $200 deposit required now to reserve your seat (we have to know how many people are attending for headcount, logistics, and hotel room block commitment purposes).

However, when you show up at Traffic Mastery 180 and register at the front booth we will give you your $200 back!

The decision is all yours how you then want to use that $200.

You can use it to…

  • Help pay for your hotel costs
  • Pay for your meals while at Traffic Mastery 180
  • Start your newest advertising campaign from one of the cool new traffic and lead generation strategies that you will walk away with.

It’s entirely up to you how you spend your $200!


As I mentioned above we are specifically keeping this event small and intimate to ensure that you will receive as much hands on training as possible.

As a result we are capping the event at 100 people.

We are pleasantly surprised with how many people have already committed to their businesses and have secured their seat at our event.

Tickets are going fast and Traffic Mastery 180 will sell out!


To secure your ticket for Traffic Mastery 180 and take advantage of one of the most comprehensive and intimate online marketing events ever…

CLICK HERE NOW to get your ticket before they’re all gone!!

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