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Internet Marketing Success – Who Needs Haters When You Have This Industry

With so many in this industry looking to achieve internet marketing success or who are already having success, you can definitely count on encountering haters.

I mean really?  Who needs haters when you have this industry.  You don’t have to look far to find someone hating on someone in a passive aggressive way or direct way throughout the social media platforms.

My heart has been quite heavy over the past few days since the launch of the most recent company that has us excited.  Not because of the company launch but because of the people who choose to throw knifes at those of us choosing to make our own decisions based on what we KNOW is best for our own business.

In the below video called “Internet Marketing Success – Who Needs Haters When You Have This Industry”, I discuss what has me saddened.

If for some reason you can not view the above video click here ===> Internet Marketing Success

So as you can conclude from the above video we are very much involved in this new company that will be releasing their first app very soon.  If you are interested in grabbing a spot on our team send me a text with your first & last name, email and phone number and we will send you an NDA over that you can digitally sign.  Once that is signed the system will unlock for you to view this new concept of app sharing & getting paid for  just sharing a free app.

You can also email me at

If you enjoyed this video or if you can definitely relate, please comment, share & like.  As always Bill and I are committed to helping you succeed.

Before you throw stones at people, take a step back and actually consider that you may very well not know why a person chooses one way or another.  Focus on yourself and your business without taking others down around you.

Here’s to your internet marketing success or business success in general!

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